Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Abstract Empathy

Here is an anonymous exert from something I read recently…

“As I sat in this random parking lot in the middle of a beautiful afternoon, staring at the ceiling of my car, I felt the tears flow down my face, and felt what I thought was my heart breaking into millions of pieces leaving me crushed. What was this inexpressible pain I felt? My heart was numb, stomach felt empty, and I had nothing to say. In this moment I did happen to get out this soft broken whisper, ‘I know you are here, I think this could be a fraction of what you feel, and I need you to heal my heart.’”

What happens when you pour out love and it is not returned? Have you ever felt this before? You cannot be mad at the person who doesn’t return it though because of the love you have for them. So what do you do in this moment? Cling to the Father is about all you can do. In these moments, I have personally realized that humanity is able to feel a little bit of the pain God must feel in seeing His beloved creation turn their backs on Him. It isn’t just about the above quote either. Have you ever had a moment where you stop and think, maybe this is what God feels like? I’ve had a couple in my life, when I see family members in pain, strangers being killed across the world, and all kind of personal relationships fall apart. In these moments, even though they hurt, they hurt really bad, like there is nothing you can do but cry kind of bad, humanity is blessed with the opportunity to feel His pain (even though it is always only a fraction) and I think there is beauty in that pain, there is an abstract empathy we are enabled to have with God at that time. So whatever you are going through, look for God in it, His heart burns too, He cries too, are you feeling what He does, can you cry out to Him in this moment, He is waiting for you. He longs to hold his children close and listen to their broken, tear induced whispers even in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of the day somewhere.

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