Thursday, April 3, 2008

That Kid is Choking!

“The heart of man must change before anything else will. A man’s actions reflect his heart.” – Dr. Eugene Crouch

Recently I had a really difficult time learning about this groovy little thing called Liberation Theology. Big words excite me…I’ll be honest. So I sat there and listened to this lecture on this new movement of theology that is “tearing apart” our church and was just perplexed by this negative presentation of Liberation Theology. So what is it then I’m sure you are wondering.

Liberation Theology is basically the new wave of my fellow generation y people who are passionate about fighting social injustice.

I guess my difficulty in understanding why this was bad is because what the people are doing is great, things I agree with. The problem is that they just do these things, there is no reason for it. Now if you are like me, you just sat back, looked at the computer screen with an odd gaze, took a sip of coffee, tilted your head, and said, “and, so what?” Well that is what plagued me the entire night too. Why is it a bad thing for them to just be doing these good things without reason. I was getting my own verbiage mixed up though. It is good to do things because you do not expect something in return from your action, but it seems meaningless to just do something doesn’t it?

Basically, the problem with Liberation Theologians is hermeneutical. Yes, indeed, I totally did bust out a groovy little word! Hermeneutics is the way you view scripture. These people do not have a foundation on which they do things. They just act without reason outside of trying to rid the world of social injustice. This must be a hard fight to battle without a reason I would imagine. I imagine this because social injustice isn’t going anywhere, it will always be around. That does not mean we can do nothing because it will always be here, but we cannot fight a raging fire by spitting on it. There is this reality that one must get to the source of the flames to make it all stop, then your spitting begins to quench the beast that rages within the fire, in our case social injustice. The world is dark and it needs light. They need Jesus! So go out and do as much as you can to be a part of any group that is bringing about positive change to help humanity, but don’t just do it to do it. We are not called to be Nike people. Just do it is not our motif.

Finally I sat back form this lecture and raised my hand to look for affirmation of my own understanding and say, “So this Liberation Theology is a group of people who fight for social justice with no reason, no foundation?” Yes was the answer. So is there something wrong with just doing to do? When Jesus became what He had created, man, is that what is was all about, just doing some nice things? My generation treats the secondary things as primary and primary as secondary. This means we treat symptoms of a bigger problem and never address the problem. If a kid is choking to death, you don’t just sit there and continue to treat the symptoms and give him mouth to mouth, you eventually reach down there and take whatever it is out of his throat to stop the choking. It’s something like that. The world is like a kid choking, we just need to take that little piece of matchbox car that hey chewed up and tried to swallow out of their little throats so they can breathe. Treat the source of the problem and the rest will get better, their vitals will begin to recover. So, the world needs Jesus, not just the cool things He wants us to do because the only reason He calls us to do things like that are to reveal Him.

Interesting thoughts I think, what do you think?

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