Thursday, April 24, 2008

Painful View

"Where we are in our lives, in our church, and what we do depends on how we feel or see Scripture (its authority). "

This statement has stuck with me since Monday evening. It’s amazing how much knowledge and conviction comes into me by just being a room with other people who love Jesus and are seeking Him out. Anytime I look at my life, whether I am on fire for God, apathetic, sad, happy, or anywhere in between, it is a direct result of my view of Scripture.

The question in the most simplistic form would be, “Do I really believe it, does it have power over my emotions or experiences?”

I am getting increasingly more frustrated with the man I find myself being, especially lately. I move across country on faith, live with great faith within the first 6 months of being here and all of the sudden cards get placed right in my life and I forget all about the Word being my foundation.

In those days, I didn’t have insurance, no steady pay, tons of questions about God and why and what He was doing with me…I got a steady job, benefits, good pay, great place to live, and am now in Bible college. Sometimes I am realizing that I am relying on my own knowledge rather than the knowledge He ha given me. Do you see the difference? It’s almost like all these secure (at least they appear to be) factors have numbed my heart and raped me of the innocent faith I once knew and now long for. So now I know I get paid semi-monthly at a certain rate, I know I can depend on my insurance to pay the bills when I clumsily smack myself into some hazardous peril, I know I will read the bible and learn about God in school, I know that I am helping others experience something by being involved in this church plant.

So the many things I have prayed for and been blessed with are now things that I am becoming more and more frustrated with because they are taking my faith away. But is it the things that are taking away my faith or am I being like Israel? The trend in the Old Testament for Israel was to build alters to God, place stones in certain places, set boundaries, etc anytime they had an experience with God. Feasts were celebrated in celebration to remember what God had done. Into the New Testament, Jesus introduced communion and breaking of the bread in remembrance of Him.

In those days of uncertainty in my first months living in Indianapolis I was always in the word, listening to different sermons, asking questions, really seeking Him through His Word. I have forgotten that I still need Him and that all these things I think are distracting me are really not the problem, it’s my memory and my view of Scripture. I know I’m not alone, I just happen to have a big mouth and a good eye to be critical of myself. Hopefully this hits some soft spots in your soul and you will recognize that it’s not circumstances that affect you, it’s your view of Scripture. May you come to love His Word, may you remember Him, His sacrifice, His great mercy and love for you, may you long to know Him more and more by reading His word.

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  1. I like it :) Funny how we just want to be put in a position sometimes of really "needing" God so we can depend on Him totally and completely. The sad thing is that when things are going great we really need Him more than ever because we drift away from complete dependence on Him into the realm we know as "comfort"; often depending on ourselves and not thanking God for His constant provision. We are so glad God has brought us to the place where we are now...we can only pray that we will remain this dependent on God when things start to get a little more "comfortable" for us!