Monday, April 21, 2008

Horton Saves

I took my little brother, Tank, to see Dr. Suess’ Horton Hears a Who this weekend. I knew it would be pretty funny because Steve Carrel and Jim Carey were both in it, but I didn’t expect to see any biblical themes. If you have not seen this movie or taken your little on to see it, do it, it is a great opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ and a loving God with a child in a simplistic manner.

Horton is this elephant who hears a little scream on a speck floating through the air and emphatically chases it down and captures it on a flower. Horton vows to take care and protect this speck. Horton has no reason to love the speck the way he does, but continues to go through much pain in order to protect it, even to the point of risking his own life to save it. There is a scene where the evil kangaroo lady tells Horton to deny the speck is important and he will be set free, but he refuses and lets the jungle people lock him in a cage and beat him.

On the flip side, on the speck the major of Whoville who is in contact with Horton is isolated because of this greater being (Horton) that he thinks exist and has contact with. He is picked on and even publicly called out in front of the entire town of Whoville. The elders call him crazy because he believes in Horton. He grasps this idea that there is a greater being that looks over them and protects them.

Both themes are seen in the bible and are great conversation starters. I was very encouraged to see mainstream media portray such a strong message.

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