Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Hamsters

“I can rest in Heaven, this life is too short.” While I appreciate this passionate view of working for a ministry or church, I must raise an eyebrow at it. The best, most exciting thing, I’ve done for God thus far has been helping start a church. I wouldn’t change anything, I have learned things that no school could teach me, the experience of church planting and serving others and helping create something that others can come and experience God is priceless. However, there comes a time when you look at your life, schedule, and blood shot eyes and think to yourself, why am I so busy, is this what God has in mind when He had His only Son brutally murdered on a cross? I have school on Monday night, staff meeting (for church) on Tuesday morning, creative ministry on Wed night, corporate gathering on Sunday, small group on Sunday morning, and on top of all that I have to keep up my own personal relationship with Jesus. My wheels are always spinning and often I find myself at this point of tension.

But then what is that rarely used word, Sabbath, mean? I get to feeling like I want to take my hand out of the hundreds of things I am involved in, but then feel like I should keep going because like a well meaning new friend said, “this life is too short, rest in Heaven.” But then what about me? Is it about me? No, but doesn’t Jesus want a relationship with me? I think He cares more for me being deeply involved in an intimate relationship with Him then running around like a hamster in one of those little balls. All too often I feel like a little Holy hamster, just running around doing things and never resting. How effective can I really be on an empty tank? Jesus should be the busiest person in history, He was sent to save the world, why wouldn’t He be busy? Although He had much more things to do and accomplish than we do, He still took out time to rest in the Father. Am I so arrogant to think I do not need rest in Him? I can resting Heaven and will, but I should rest here too, so I can fill up my cup only to pour myself out like a drink offering (like Paul).

So wrestle with that, rest or work, is there a way to healthily balance the two and/or should we? May you find rest, may you fill your cup before pouring yourself out. May you not become a Holy Hamster, running around in circles, but become a powerful tool for the kingdom, full of the Spirit and able to do work for the kingdom with more passion, more fulfillment, more efficiency.

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  1. I hear you big time on this! My life too is so crazy! I have been trying to figure out what I can drop so I too can learn to listen to my heavenly Father! I am tired of doing rather than being.