Monday, April 21, 2008

Green Beans and Feet

What can I say….that is what the roomed smelled like. The elevator made ominous noises that made me feel like it was going to fall from the sky, on top of the already fear of being infested with the germs I am sure were all over this little nasty elevator. The doors open up on the 15th floor to that smell, green beans and feet. There was a guy with a guitar and two girls singing. No power point showing the words, no official greeting team, no cool graphics, or special presentation. There were people there in this government housing building, black, white, poor, alcoholic, drug addicted, disabled, mentally disabled, in this little room and you could feel the presence of God in the midst.

I looked around and saw hands raised, heard sweet broken voices, and saw church. Most professional church planters would put there nose up at this idea. There is no leadership model, no budget, special committees, no speakers, special lighting, drama team, or any of the new age churchy stuff going on here. It was just people earnestly seeking out this great God that they hear about. No agendas outside of leading folks into an authentic experience with God, an introduction to a loving savior, Jesus Christ. It was not what you would call a pretty church or an organized body. This was church, poor, broken , rugged, smelly, a little uncomfortable, but overall beautiful.

May you seek God in organic ways and find beauty in simplicity, see through the programs and find the God that burns with passion to have a relationship with us through Jesus Christ.


  1. Good blog man! It is difficult at times to be in that place, but awesome to see what God is doing there! I am excited to see what he is going to do in the future!

  2. Lets keep pushing harder on this! We should gather some peeps for targeted prayer for the next one in May....God is clearly up to something.