Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Veil

Reading through the Bible I’ve come across this trend. When people see God or have an experience with his Holy Angel, they normally react out of fear. The Israelites told Moses that they could not stand to talk directly to God so they made him. Time after time people are just going through life and God decides to pay a little visit and it’s like a record screeches and all of the sudden they are in fear. The angel always has to say, “Don’t fear I have good news,” or something along those lines. Why is it that these experiences frightened them? Have you ever had one of these experiences? I wish I could say I was ultra holy this week and I’ve had tons of these experiences, but I have had very few. Isn’t this what we are all searching for though? Aren’t we all on this search, this journey to actually experience God? I know that is what I yearn for, beyond the Sunday morning gatherings, Tuesday morning prayer groups, and private study sessions, I long to experience God, face to face.

Well, last Monday I was really praying about something, I fasted and prayed all day and that night I was standing in my apartment leaned against my little island and wa really praying, like didn’t even think about the room, the fact that my neighbor was playing music loud, or that my feet were cold, but just zoned out. All of the sudden I feel this crazy tension around me, like weight, but not tangible, like nothing sitting on my chest, but like a ridiculous amount of humidity, like the air became incredibly dense around me. I knew this was something to be concerned about, so I felt scared, I stopped talking, covered my face, and just took a deep breathe, and said…

What would you say? Would you react like this? Now that your wondering, I whispered, “I know it’s You, thank you.” Yeah, Yeah, I know there are doubters and people who may think that is charismatic, but I honestly don’t care. Have you ever had one of these experiences? Do you want one? I just thought I’d share with you mine. I’m off to watch NCAA tournament games now and later going to the Indiana state championships for 4A HIghscool ball, but I’ll be thinking about this and Him, may you as well.

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