Saturday, March 22, 2008


Generally my blogs are not way out there, but just thoughts that roll around in my head. Well, this blog is going to be a bit different, it is out there and quite an odd thought, but one that carries indeed. The word that will make your face grimace and your left eyebrow slowly rise to a point of confusion and bewilderment, that word is vampire. Yes, vampire, the blood sucking, Count Dracula, red cape wearing, garlic hating, bat flying, night dwelling creatures, vampires. I watched a movie with a friend the other night at my apartment and must admit I was less scared than I was just plain bothered by it all. Most vampire movies I’ve seen are very unrealistic and mystical, something I laugh at more than I am bothered by. However, this one was different, it was realistic and very sick, and it has stuck with me since I watched it. 30 Days of Night is the movie. If you’ve never seen it or heard of it, click this; go here, to see what it’s about. These vampires basically find a small town in Alaska that is completely night for 30 days straight. In this movie, they come to town and start tearing things apart; they cut off all the exits, and prepare the city for a feeding frenzy.

In some very dramatic and gruesome scenes the audience is shown these vampires tearing in to the necks of these innocent people living in this city. Anyways, I guess I could continue with the gruesome descriptions of horror and slaughter, but for the sake of dinner, lunch, or breakfast, whichever you just enjoyed, I’ll spare you. The only thing that did not differ from all the other vampire movies is the end scene when the sun finally rises only to defeat these blood thirsty evil beings called vampires. In recent years cinematography has come up with this cool effect where they kind of turn into like ashes and blow into the wind when the sun does hit them, so basically that is what we’ve seen over the last 5 years or so in any vampire movie. No matter how long these vampire movies are they always end the same way, the must, because we need to see some sort of resolution to movies or else as consumers we boycott it all together and start watching chick flicks or Rocky or Rambo redone after 30 years… (that makes me laugh) The sun always wins. There is never a time that it doesn’t. Well except for Blade, the day walker, he is half vampire and half man, so he can deal with the sunlight, but he’s a good guy, so no worries.

So here is my out there thought of the month, we are all vampires. No before you spit on your computer, slap the desk, yell, “He’s insane,” and kick your trash can, hear me out. We spend our lives in the dark right? The entire Bible is filled with this theme of light and dark. Creation started with dark and light was added. Dark is missing light. Light wins, always. I mean think about a few verses in the Bible with this theme in it, Jesus said He was the light. There is this beautiful little metaphor created in the Bible, darkness is evil and light is something redemptive, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, or a work by them. Jesus teaches that we must deny ourselves and be reborn. Rebirth infers death doesn’t it? Paul teaches to put off our old selves. There is this idea consistent in scriptures about death and life, dark and light, evil and good. We must die to live. I used to have a pog (if you don’t know what a pog is 1) you were not a child of the 90’s or 2) you were asleep from about 1990-1998) that said “live to die and die to live.” We are to die to our Godless state of humanity and then we will live in Christ Jesus. Light exposes us for what we really are. Have you ever looked in one of those magnifying mirrors? I don’t think I would faint as hard when I saw the reflection if there wasn’t so much light. Light exposes us for who we are, all our blemishes, and the truth is we don’t like it. So vampires get hit by light and start to die. This is because the evil is exposed and the light wins.

So here’s where you get to be just as messed up as I am and think about this for yourself. When the light hits you, do you just start to smoke, make a loud annoying screech, give a malevolence stare, and retreat back into the dark or do you die? There is beauty in the latter of the two. When we get hit by this sun light and die we can either just float away into little pieces of ash or we can be recreated into this powerhouse of a being that is made whole in Jesus. Jesus calls us to be reborn, to die to our evil nature, and live in Him, this is where we begin to flourish and really experience life, the abundant life He talked about. God wants us to stop retreating into the darkness, He hates vampires (just work with me on this thought), and He burns with Holy passion to see darkness turned into light. If we keep retreating into the darkness and remain vampires, we keep tearing each other apart, setting cities on fire, and causing catastrophic carnage all over the world, one life at a time, let’s face it, anything we do without God really just tears us apart, we make valiant attempts but always hurt each other. We’re vampires, evil people, and we know nothing but carnage and wickedness. But God offers something other than just floating away into ashes at the end of the movie, He offers new life, recreation, beautiful light and splendid life through His Son Jesus Christ.

Retreat, become ash, or become a beautiful recreation made to live life abundantly, to the fullest. We have an option, God gave us a choice. Tomorrow is Easter, the celebration of Jesus conquering death, it’s not just a fairy tale, CNN, Fox news, MSNBC, and the rest of all the scientific driven establishments have been looking to find some evidence that Jesus not conquering death, whether it is bones or some kind of fancy DNA test, but fail year after year, because it is not a fairy tale, it is the truth, something you can depend on. Jesus conquered death, so can you, through faith in Him. I pray these words move you more than leave you with a weird look on your face and I pray that you may see life through Christ and experience something outside the realm of evil and vampires.

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