Friday, March 7, 2008

Traditional Tattoo Ignorance

I’m on the phone at work and over hear a couple of the girls discussing tattoos. Then I over hear one of them ask, “Is it really a sin?” At that my ears become a little larger and heart begins to beat fast. Then it comes, “Oh, you should see Adam’s!” I turn around and pull up my shirt to reveal my arm full of ink from shoulder to elbow (a half sleeve). Oh how the tension filled the room quick, the awkward silence was deafening! So they ask me, “So tattoos are sin, am I going to hell?” This was all asked jokingly because no one wants to actually reveal they are worried. So I chime in because I’ve actually done the biblical research and study on this. I tell them that in context tattoos are evil because people would tattoo and cut themselves for the dead as an act of worship to foreign gods, therefore, it was forbidden. So I say, “So unless you are getting tattoo’s to worship another god or something you are okay, you won’t go to hell because some traditional religion thinks so.” The issue here is NOT tattoos, it is religious ignorance. The issue is listening to far too many people say, “Well, my pastor says…” We just accept these religious traditions and then try to enforce them on others too often. God did not call us to live the Christian life just because, there is explanation to the things we should and shouldn’t do. Why is it that we stick to our guns about certain things and when asked why we give the sorry answer of, “Well, that is just what we believe.” If it is true belief and truth is relative like this statement implies, then we are all in for a world of hurting. Truth is not relative, it is absolute. It is our responsibility to find the truth ad study why it is true. It all makes sense; we are just too lazy sometimes to put in the work. Tattoos are not a sin, unless they are done out of worship to a foreign god. I know that because within the literary and historical context of where it is found in the bible, the truth is exposed. Tattoos aren’t bad or good because generations of people believe they are, rap music isn’t bad or good because older generations won’t accept it, homosexual outreach strategies aren’t bad or good because the legalist says it is. Nothing is anything because someone says so, it is only found to be wrong, sinful, good, or right because the bible reveals it to be so.

I cannot settle for hearing people who say they follow Jesus say things out of ignorance, we must not settle for pure hear say answers and must always be ready with an account of why we believe what we do, with love(1 Peter 3:15)!

May you study the Word and know what it says, pray for revelation of who He is, and be able to always give an intelligent response to what lies within.

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