Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tears for Strangers

Psalm 5:2 Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray.

Have you ever had something really break you up, like break your heart? If you have then you will understand this emotion or feeling I am trying to describe in words that fall so short of the reality of this pain. I was dating a girl who cheated on me and told me she hated everything about me, this was totally out of the blue. I was so dedicated to her that I was willing to change anything to be with her. Nothing I could do, say, scream, cry, think, be could change it, she didn’t love me back. It was this crazy empty, numb feeling. There was no hope in it, there was nothing buy pain that I could not bare. I’m sure that many have felt this at deeper levels, because this was a dumb relationship in retrospect, but at the time I did feel this. It is the feeling of deepest heart break I think we can feel, like our strongest emotion on the sadness end of things.

I just read a news story about a family in Arkansas whose home caught on fire. Read it here. Can you imagine waking up to your home on fire in the first place, that has got to be traumatic. I’m sure they were not fully aware and processing what was really happened, it must have seemed like some cruel nightmare to them. If that’s not bad enough, here’s the kicker. Their 5 children were upstairs asleep. The flames blocked any access to the upstairs and so they died. Read that again… The flames blocked any access to the upstairs and so they died. Does that not sit right with you either? As I was reading this story a single tear rolled down my cheek and I felt a fraction of the pain I can only imagine they are going through.

How does one work through that? How can one handle that kind of pain? I will give you my answer of what I know is true, God offers hope and healing. My question is how do you run to Him in this time? Can you imagine the pain, confusion, resentment, and maybe even hatred they must feel now? Sometimes the best thing is not to tell these people a bunch of quotes, but to just be silent and weep with and for them. Jesus wept and I am sure this breaks His heart more than anything. There is a purpose for this, I have no idea how to process that, but I know His Word is true. I know prayer is powerful. I offer no answers in this, I only offer free thoughts and expressions of my own pain in just reading this story. I don’t even know these people, but for some reason this story has stopped my day equidistant and I’m brokenhearted.

I know He hears our cries and wants to offer healing. Lord, be with this family and soften our hearts to weep with them. I don’t understand this, but I trust you. Help this family do the same.

I have no huge checks to give, I can offer my tears and heart though, Jesus hears us. May you be broken hearted over the loss of precious life, innocence of children, and pray, let God hear your cries for others in pain.


  1. It is crazy that you talk of broken heartedness- that was a topic I hit on in Bible Study today. We have all been there one way or another- and how Great is God to give us His Word and His promises- so we can be comforted. I LOVE the updates- I like your opinions, but it is good to read and hear in Adam Sloopes voice what is going on with Adam. Thanks for the updates- I hope you keep it up- we miss you lots! kel

  2. From Courtney....
    A broken heart is never easy to deal with. Trust me I know..My heart was broken in the past..Since you have been so open about your situation I feel it would only be fair fro me to share my past HEARTBREAK...A few years ago I had a girlfriend...A Future let me tell it..I will go back a little further. My sophmore year in college I met a quiet girl in my Speech class. We ended up being a couple. At the time of our relationship I went through a tragic event. I lost my mother. During this time she was not there the way I thought she should have been and other women in my life did some very shady things to me and my sisters. My trust for women at this point went downhill. I was away from school for 2 weeks and returned to Alabama A&M with a new attitude.. I was not about the right.. I actually was dead wrong. I was very manish and was on every woman walking on campus and I still had a girlfriend. She actually cought me going up in her dorm twice with other women but I told her that I was going to study...RIGHT...Sorry about the content....But...I played football and had a nice personality and ther wasn't too much that I wanted and couldn't get.. WE split ways and I I tried to get her back for three years. She finally gave me another chance...I told myself that I would not mess it up and would make her my wife..I did do all that I could do for 2 years......Then all of a sudden things changed..We were walking through the parking lot at lafayette square mall and a beautiful woman walked by..I snuck a peak but nothing major...SHE SLAPPED ME......WOW....This was A First for me...My father taught me to never put my hands on a woman so I didn't do a thing and plus I have 2 sisters. At that point I was puzzled on how to handle the situation. Another time she got upset and pulled my necklace off my neck. It was the last thing my mother got for me before she went home to be with our GOD. I gave her one more chance...She came to visit me and she had another situation and put her hands on me...As hard as it was I had to end it...I Loved her with all my heart. It was soooooooo hard to let her go....It hurt me..I told myself that Iwould not get serious for a year....this was on New Years Day....That July I saw a woman that was very beautiful at a club....So I walked up to her to notice that I knew her from back home. Her eyes had me from the jump...That night I was working the club but out of all the women I met that night she was the only one that was on my mind. I went home to Evansville to see my father and went to see her friend. I told her that she was going to me my woman. She said OK.....You ain't ready....(I had a rep for loving women) Who would know 2 years later I would be exchanging vows with that woman.... I just told my personal story to say this.....The lord works in many different ways...My heart was broken....But he never puts more on un that we can't bare...He let me fall in love and then took it away...Let me say that the woman is a beautiful person and maybe I brought the woest out of her....but she is a great person and helped me to grow into the man that I am today. But he took one and brought me my soul mate...I will be making that jump an April 12th...She has really been the best thing that has happened to me. I can't see living my life without her..I need her in my life..And the Lord gave her to me..He didn't have to because I do alot of things that he does not want me to do but he still loves me enough to continue to bless me and to senf my future wife to me..He knows I believe and that I will serve him the way that I should. I know that anything is possible through the lord....I will leave you with this...Heartbreak will last for a fer months..But The Lord's Love is Forever....Just put it in his hands and he will send you your mate...He sent me mine..I will leave you with my mother's favorite saying..(Let Go And Let God..) R.I.P Annie L. Crawley-Arnold...I Love you and Miss You..

  3. Thank You..
    You inspired me to blog..
    This comment was my first blog..
    check me out once a week..

  4. Kel, thanks for your comments, I'm glad you keep up with my blog, I pray one day God will use me to speak to my generation like I blog and spread His word and truth...I'll be down sooner than you think.