Monday, March 10, 2008

She Didn't See Me

At any level of leadership within the church you become well known. We all know the pastor, the worship leader, the drama team, the greeting team, and so on. We are so quick to invite someone to be a part of the leadership team at church aren’t we? There is nothing wrong with that, but being a leader or some kind of active person within the church is a prestigious position isn’t it? We look at the people who have active roles in our churches with appreciation and respect, he sure loves the Lord, she is such a servant, they really are kind to new guest, etc.

There is this building across the street from the theatre we meet in called the Barton House. It is a government housing project. From what I hear and what I have witnessed first hand by being in there a few times, it is a pretty dark place. All kinds of people live there who are either mentally disturbed, on drugs, or in pain (physically and emotionally). We invite them to church of course, but what happens after Sunday morning? I was driving home from lunch yesterday and on the corner I saw a girl from our church that is not on any team specifically, has no churchy responsibilities, but I saw this girl sitting on a bench with one of the ladies from the Barton house. She doesn’t see me, but I noticed her. I noticed her heart for Jesus. I noticed how much she really cares about these people, this woman. She doesn’t need a plan or strategy to “save the Barton House,” she simply loves, one day at a time, one park bench at a time. There is significance to that. Maybe they weren’t having any super spiritual conversations, maybe they were just sitting there listening to the wind blow on a cold day in March or watching the cars pass by, but in that moment there were two people, spending time with each other, there was love, there was Jesus.

Isn’t this how it should be? I never go into the Barton House, for I think there is no reason, we don’t have any planned times or events, so I just think about it when I see the residents of this building on Sunday. I’ve tied myself to a program and am ashamed that people don’t find me sitting on park benches with hurting people. She didn’t see me, but I saw her, she’ll never know the impact her love has on people, who she doesn’t even know are watching.

May we all be like her, sitting on a bench, just breathing, being the presence of Christ.

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