Monday, March 10, 2008

Roller Coaster

Be joyful in all things (persecutions) why we should be joyful, we are under more attack because the evil one is scared of what we will become!

“A good question to ask yourself in the morning is when you wake up do you stir fear into the gates of hell?” I heard this one time and it has really never left me.

Recently I have been fortunate enough to come into some trails or persecutions. For an entire week I was down and really let the circumstance affect me, drag me down you know. After a while of being down, I suddenly found myself to be ok, but apathetic. Like this roller coaster of emotions, apathy, spiritual warfare, and resolve. So when I find myself really excited about the Lord soon I come across something that will drag me down, then I keep getting down and down until I find myself at the bottom of a barrel somewhere and notice I am far from God, then I slowly begin my assent to the mountain top, where I am living for God and am on fire again, the comes trials again, and on and on. You see, there is no way I can avoid persecutions, but I should come to expect them and be joyful through them.

The evil one is not concerned with someone who is not doing anything for God, shaking the gates of hell; he is only concerned with those who God is using and are obedient to Him. At the moments I feel closes to God; I have noticed almost immediate trials or tests. So, it’s not about me just going through them and gritting my teeth anymore, it’s about me knowing that there is a reason for this trial or persecution, and being excited that the devil thinks enough of me as a threat to his evil plan, to bother with me.

When I look at things like this, I notice my roller coaster seems to stop being so dramatic and tends to level out into ride where I will occasionally hit bumps, but not necessarily let myself fall apart in the midst of persecutions and trials.

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