Monday, March 24, 2008


I’ve been getting onto m friend about updating their family’s blog lately and basically came to my own realization. I have a great sire that I keep current, but am horrible about actually letting people know what is going on in my life, like events, and those sorts of things (the kinds of things family or friends that live far from me may want to know), so I decided to give you one of those updates.

Monday, March 24, 2008
5:30am- wake up
5:34am-shut off all 4 alarm clocks going off in my apartment
5:36am- return from walking to the living room to shut off those clocks to lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling wondering why I am up at this time of day and how I’d love to just lay in bed all day.
6:00am- pick up my phone to look at my calendar, check to make sure I have nothing going on.
6:45am- apparently I fell asleep while looking at my phone and the ceiling and was woke up by Dan calling.
6:46am- jump out of bed, run frantically to the bathroom to get showered, shaved, and sexy for the day to come.
7:05am- Dab picks me up in his sweet new sports car to go to the staff meeting
7:07am- walk in to our gallery on Mass Ave to talk about the next sermon series we will be doing.
7:45am- leave the meeting to go to work.
8:00am- walk up stairs to my desk on the third floor to get work started for the day.
8:10am- record my daily message.
8:30am- work on new claims
9:30am- write update blog

Good? I’m just kidding! I was speaking with a friend last night and we came up with the idea that it would be funny to write a very shallow, chronological update of my day, I hope you were entertained, I had a blast writing. That's for you JG, stop being too serious (in a good way)

Well, in January, my friends, The Bunso’s, moved back to Jacksonville. I really never actually processed their move until last week. I was able to allow myself to mourn the fact that two of my greatest friends moved far away from me. I am still in school. I graduate in December and am scared beyond words because I have no idea what I am going to do afterwards. I’m still praying about going to Africa, but God is quiet right now or I’m just not listening, but nothing seems to be happening, so I continue to pray and seek Him. I’m still living downtown Indianapolis. In June my lease is up and I’m going to get a roommate, that way I can stay in the same location, upgrade to a bigger apartment, save money, get a new friend, and get some accountability. So that is an exciting adventure to look forward to. I had been praying about getting a new position within the company I work for and God came through (He always does) and I got the position ad I love my job. I’ll be honest, I still go through days maybe weeks where I feel alone up here, I really do miss being around family, and really miss having a best friend to just pour my whole self into and receive all of them in return. It’s this intimate relationship that is missing that we are all searching for. God created us for intimate relationships, my favorite description of what an intimate friendship or relationship looks like is, “two souls completely experiencing each other.” I think I miss that, but there are glimpses that happen every once in a while. God is doing big things at Indy Metro. This year, one of my own personal goals is to focus, get my hands out of everything and clean up my plate a little bit, so I can manage things that I am good or strong at, rather than just being mediocre at a bunch of things. Hopefully that is understandable. My passion to teach grows daily. Last week I had the opportunity to speak in chapel at Baptist Academy on the eastside of town. I love teaching people about God and how He is not some mythical idea, but a practical, Holy, real, God. Anyways, I would like to either be a part of another church plant, maybe look into youth pastor positions, I figure that is a great stepping stone to becoming the church planter I believe God is calling me to be. Who knows though, only time will tell? The more I learn the less I know…that is my philosophy as I grown and learn up here in Indianapolis. I’m curious and excited about God more and more each day in Indy although it is an emotional ride sometimes, I know that He works together all things for those that love Him. I’m not good at this update stuff, sorry, I’m much better at giving my passionate opinions about things and dumping my mind out into expressive words to hopefully inspire others. But, that is my update, hopefully you feel like you kind of know what is going on, don’t feel bad if you are still confused about what’s going on in my life because so am I. Continue to read, pray, live, love, and seek for Him, I look forward to crossing paths sometime along this crazy ride we call life.

Because of Christ,
Adam Sloope


  1. Hey Adam-
    Thank you for that about Elijah- I didn't get to hear that Sunday. I truly can't wait to see what God has in store for him as he gets older!

  2. Carrie, your boy is being raised in the Word and it NEVER comes back void, you and Aaron are honoroable parents and serve as a great example for me....YOu give me great passion and desire for a family in my future.