Thursday, March 20, 2008

Justin...are you serious?

I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to the gym and heard a new song by Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. It’s called 4 second to save the world and I’m not going to lie, it is a sweet song. Timbaland is an amazing producer. But beyond the entrancing beats and marvelous bass line, there are words. I always pay attention to the words, because no matter what these artist are expressing themselves through them even though they are hidden behind the music.
So here’s the line that got me and it’s something about Justin, me and him got some beef, even though I think he’s an amazing musician. I wrote about him and Timbaland in a blog months ago, The line goes like this, “all that matters when I die is I did everything I wanted to do (or something along those lines)”

Oh Justin, tisk tisk… So is that all that matters? Isn’t this what our world believes? Life is short, live like there is no tomorrow. The idea is to do as much bad, foolish, things as you can before you die because then you won’t be able to… Really? Is that all life is about, just having as much as you can? If that is true how come even when you’re having fun, the most fun you can think of having, you still feel empty? I did it. I was a fire fighter, had all the girls, drank like a fish, partied like a rock star, and did everything I could to take over the night life. Underneath that funny, care free exterior there lied a very empty boy full of pain and confusion because he never could figure out why none of that cured it. So is that all life’s about? Have as much fun before you die, pain the town red?

There is a context in which that may be true, but living for yourself in a way to indulge in everything you please just because you want to before you die…you can’t seriously believe Justin. Again, I’m a fan and think he’s an amazing musician, but is his message what is tearing apart our youth? Listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear more than JT singing it…this can’t be what it’s all about….

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