Monday, March 24, 2008

Freaky Tall Rabbit

Yesterday was Easter! Easter is one of those days that you are supposed to wake up and feel just full of joy and maybe even skip to church right? People have been asking me all morning, “How was your Easter?” Do I give them the cordial response of, “Good, thanks for asking, how was yours?” or should I be true and say what I really felt, “Weird actually, kind of weird.” I know, I know, I’m some kind of evil heathen to say that my Easter was weird right? I realized last night, as I reflected on my day, some of the reasons for these feelings and would like to share and hopefully encourage you to look into your mirror and ask why it felt odd.

I think I get confused between the holiday and the actual celebration. I mean, I’m surrounded by easter bunnies, easter eggs, easter dresses, easter music, easter plays, easter music specials, easter special deals at the grocery store, etc (notice how easter is not capitalized there). I’m overwhelmed by this holiday we’ve allowed ourselves to be sold out to. I mean really, we teach our kids that there is an eight foot tall bunny rabbit that sneaks into their homes at night while they are asleep and leaves them a basket full of candy? Is there anyone else who is freaked out by the thought of a huge rabbit walking into your living room at night while you sleep? I went to lunch after church yesterday with some friends and it just felt like another day, we laughed so hard I got the hiccups (that always happens), we talked about the future, and we talked about how far our friendships have come. The part that bothers me is how normal it all felt. How normal all of last week felt honestly. Holy week didn’t feel Holy did it? Saturday night I went to a basketball game and stayed up late. I’m not going to say doing these things are bad because that basketball game was the most amazing game I’ve ever been to including high school, college, and pro ball. I went to the IHSAA 4A State Championship game for boy’s basketball. Amazing, I’m sure I’ll be talking about it for years, do a Google search for Brownsburg, Gordon Hayward, and you’ll find the video. So, again, the point is not that going to a basketball game is messed up some how, the point is, that I did it the night before Easter and didn’t even think about easter. The Sunday morning came and I walked to church like I always do and felt the same way I always do except I just expected more visitors this Sunday. I just moved along like nothing happened.

This reminds me of when my friend’s The Bunso’s, it wasn’t until I had mourned them leaving that I could really move on. Yesterday morning I had to read John 19:1-30 on stage before Dan spoke. He wanted to read it with expression and impressions so I really put myself in the role of someone reading this as one who loves Jesus. So as I read I got more and more passionate and in the end, when I said Jesus bowed His head and took His last breathe I was emotionally torn, my eyes were welled up with tears (although I didn’t cry), and I realized how much it hurts to read about what Jesus had to go through. Then I started thinking about that last night and how I, like millions of other people, just go on with Easter like it’s just another Sunday, with the only difference being nice suits, pretty hats, and sweet candy. We don’t ever mourn for Jesus. I’m often appalled at how much more in tune with God children are than adults. My friend Aaron’s boy, Elijah responded to a question with complete genius yesterday morning in the children’s ministry, even though he doesn’t know it yet. Trina asked the kids, “How does the cross make you feel?” as she held up a plastic cross in the air. Every kid in the room said happy except for Elijah, he said, “Happy and sad!” He went on to explain that he was sad Jesus had to die the way He did, but he was happy that he can know Him. Boy wonder or innocent faith and a clear mind able to grasp the reality that Jesus was brutally murdered?

Mourn for Jesus, He was murdered, He did get beat, spit on, and tortured for you, but rejoice in the fact that because of that, you are free! I think Easter looks a lot better to me today than it did yesterday. After rain always comes sunshine, after mourning comes resolution, and after His death comes life. Live it up, Happy Easter!

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