Monday, March 3, 2008

Ears and Giraffes

Last night we met for small group at a local Starbucks. It is interesting to see over the past year how close we have become, we have actually become a family. It is great to see God’s handiwork. Sometimes people make comments off the cuff that they don’t think matter, but for some reason I always catch them. So one of the guys in our group made this comment, “I was watching this program one day about the ear, how complex it is, and it made me think of how amazing God is just because of a little thing like an ear. And then I got to thinking about giraffes, they are amazing too.

It is true that God’s creations declare His glory (Psalm 19), but sometimes we take this truth for granted and it may take something like a giraffe or an ear to remind us how great He is. I’m not much of an outdoors type, so I won’t give you great stories of being in the wilderness and coming across great works of His hand, but I do live downtown and can give you some things I have seen. Downtown Indy is set up in a really cool way, there is a state law that protects public parks and right downtown there is a stretch of parks and memorials. One in particular, the American Legion Mall, is this football sized field of grass with hills on both sides. It is an amazing park to just sit in and look at the huge buildings that cast their shadows down on you. I just sit in the park in the Spring and Summer and just look around, I don’t bring my iPod or cell phone, but I just sit there and look around and listen at the amazing piece of land God created that I call my home in downtown Indianapolis. Yesterday was a very nice day, I think temperatures climbed into the 40’s or 50’s so people came out of their caves and were exploring the city again. It is amazing how vibrant of a city Indianapolis is in the Spring and Summer. So last night on my way to meet with my small group family, I noticed people walking, running, and just being around the city. In these moments, like watching that discovery channel show about ears, you see God’s creation declaring His glory. Look around, take it all in, wonderfully beautiful isn’t it?

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