Monday, March 3, 2008

The corduroy pillow

Sunday my friend was the speaker on Sunday and he spoke about how Jesus does not condemn. Anyways, it was a great message with a lot of different elements to it that made it overall quite the experience to be a part of. Everything went smoothly, however, there was one moment that kind of made the record scratch. Kind of like in movies when someone weird walks into a room. So he says, totally out of context and out of no where, “Did you here about the corduroy pillow, it’s making headlines everywhere?”

I had lunch with him today and asked him what in the world he meant. He explained and I cannot stop laughing 7 hours later. Imagine laying your head on a corduroy pillow, you can imagine if you slept on it all night, there would be lines on your face when you awoke. So now I get it, “the corduroy pillow is making headlines every where…” Do you get it? It makes me laugh and for some reason, as cheesy and goofy as it is, I am laughing to myself making everyone in the room with me probably think I am crazy.

Thanks for the laugh Aaron...

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  1. Love the blog layout changes... I'm inspired. Yeah, tough crowd on sunday....haha