Thursday, February 7, 2008

Storytellers & Connectors

I had lunch with a good friend of mine today. We got together to talk about this meeting we are trying to do every month or so inspire and help create new leaders within the city, since we both are naturally leaders anyways. We always have good conversations and I always walk away from our little meetings however short or long they are inspired and thinking about new things. He always tells me if he has read a good book he thinks I should read or that I may like. So he tells me as we are walking out about this book about the blogging church and says that this one quote has really got a hold of him and won’t let go. He said this was the quote, “this generation belongs to the storytellers and connectors…” hmm… that’s a good stinkin’ quote!

What a simple thought, but one that penetrates to the heart of someone who is trying to reach this generation. I mean it makes sense within the church… Look at how evangelism has changed. Instead of tracks and bull horns we are into coffee shops and creating conversations. This is based upon this idea that our generation belongs to storytellers! It is easier for me to just tell someone how Jesus affected my life and the changes that have come with it, than try to remember key scriptures and exactly what to say. Not only is it easier it is more natural. Maybe the problem here is that our churches preach too much and don’t tell enough stories. I’d like to know that whatever it is Pastor Bill is talking about has already ripped him apart and hear his stories about how this scripture or biblical principle has affected him. We are all dying to create relationships. You can see it in the coffee shops, I’ve had several occasions where I’d just be having a conversation and someone would lean over a make a comment because they over heard a story or something. People listen, what are we saying? Is out message relevant? It seems to me that a relevant message should be presented as a story then.

Connectors? Like connect the dot? So what does that look like in our society? Facebook, myspace, personal websites, these are all ways out generation is crying out to be connected. We want to keep in touch with people, we want to know people. The reason why our churches are dying and so many close their doors each year is because we are failing to be connectors. Introduce people to other people, make your friends their friends.

Interesting how blogging can create this storyteller and connector that this generation needs. If this is so shouldn’t more churches who actually have websites be blogging?

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