Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spectating over Coffee

So as I sit in Starbucks, I realize that I have become part of this little culture I love to listen to and watch in downtown Indianapolis. I walk in and am on the phone with a friend, so I just sit at the table I always sit at. A girl that works at this particular location waves to me and points at this cup she slides across the counter. She says it’s a new drink she is making and wants me to try it. I didn’t ask for it, she just fixed me something out of her own free will. It’s pretty cool, I just look outside and watch the snow fall and realize I am part of this culture. Being part of this culture I also realize that I am very different and am in this city for another purpose rather than just molding to it. I moved here to help start a church, be a part of the church, see people come to know Jesus.
So what separates this over caffeinated, same table sitting, intellectual thinking culture form that of which I claim to be part of? We are all people made in the image of God. We are all very messed up versions of this original creation and have muddied ourselves up with all kind of things that have brought us to a point where we don’t even think about being created in His image. What’s so different, me and her, the coffee cup and counter top may separate us but there is also something else, something I know of but cannot quite put into words. It is this relationship between God and man that I am a part of and because of that I know that that relationship is what separates us. Why then is it so hard to talk to her about Him? Why is it that I can sit silently at a table in a coffee shop that is what many people call home on a busy street in downtown Indianapolis and just listen and watch and never talk? Talking is not always necessary but why is it I tend to just notice the differences and not act upon them. People are dying and you can see it in the books they read, groups they claim to be a part of, crowds they run in, men they let abuse them, you can see it all at your local coffee shop. The question is am I, are you willing to stop being a spectator and more of a participator?

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