Thursday, February 21, 2008

Break Up Letter

I found this awesome site today:
I would highly recommend you checking it out.
Here is a letter I found that is amazing to read, check it out and see if you hear yourself a little bit...

Below is a beautiflly written peice of modern expression by Aaron Pluim, not me.

Dear American Dream,I don’t know exactly how to say this to you. I wish it could be easy, and I could tell you it’s me, it’s not you. But that wouldn’t be true. For the most part, it is you. You’re the reason I have to write this letter. You’re the reason we have to break-up.I honestly thought things could work out between us. You had a lot to offer to our relationship and you seemed really great. Don’t get me wrong, for a time I truly loved you. I’d think of you when I was bored or after those draining eight hour shifts at work of asking ungrateful customers whether they wanted fries with their burger. The thought of being with you inspired me to push through some really tough times; you gave me hope for a better life. And the promises you’d make to me sounded too good to be true. After all, who doesn’t want wealth, health and security? You told me I could settle down one day and purchase a really nice house. You even insisted I should have a little white picket fence to put along my property. I thought that was kind of cheesy to tell you the truth now. But back then, you could have told me anything and I would have followed your suggestions. You were my leader, giving me vision for a safe, secure and predictable lifestyle.
ADVERTISMENT Things have changed though, and this is the part that might be hardest for you to hear because, well I met someone else. Yes, there’s someone else. See, I thought for the longest time that you were my life’s hope, but I guess I was wrong. He’s helping me see that. Try not to be jealous, I just have to move on. Move on with Him. I know, I’m crazy to talk like this, but you should hear some of the things he says! You are so different from him, but I think you would really like him if you would just get to know him. Well, then again maybe not. For instance, remember how you kept telling me that I’d be happier when I left my job at the burger joint where a lot of my friends were to make more money at the pickle factory behind the mall? That’s all you ever seemed to talk about, how important it was for me to make more money. Well, he doesn’t care too much about money. In fact, he explained once how I can’t love money and love him at the same time. He said it’s either one or the other. You were all about your Gucci Watches and luxury sedans and I couldn’t understand how you could persuade people that they should drop a thousand dollars so they could have color coordinated pillows throughout their home, when there are billions of starving people in this world, not to mention the homeless and hungry squeegee kids just down the street. And him? He’s all about loving living people, not dead presidents, so he hangs out with squeegee kids and prostitutes and the lonely men who frequent their corners.Then there’s the time I found out in order to get to know you better I had to have a college degree. You said you wanted me to be qualified but then I saw how you treated others with less respect and dignity simply because they didn’t have abbreviated titles after their name. He’s not like that at all. In fact, he doesn’t impose any educational standards on anyone in order for them to get to know him. He is a person who doesn’t love or accept you more based on what you can produce or achieve. I hear him tell me over and over that who I am becoming is more important than what I am achieving. I’m still getting used to that, but I think I like it better his way. And how could I forget? You put me through a proverbial hell with all the fears you arose in me when you kept suggesting that my life would not be complete unless I was married. Of course it’s still a longing of mine, and even with him I have my days where it feels like I’m going to die unless I know I’ll have a significant other one day to come. Yet, he is gently showing me that the true reality is that he is the One Thing needed. For example, I went for a walk with him the other day, late at night, and after I vented to him about my frustrations with myself for believing this lie of yours, he told me how completely normal it was for me to desire to be married; but also how I will destroy myself if I make that natural desire into some sort of false god in my life. He doesn’t use fear to put people through hell like you do. It’s kind of funny, because he claims to do the exact opposite. People say they commonly hear him telling others not to be afraid.I know what you’re probably thinking right now as you read this. That it’s not going to work out between me and my new friend. That my nature is too disposed to seeking what is safe and comfortable to trust someone who would say and do such ‘outrageous’ things. And yes, what he says and who he is, is quite outrageous compared to the worldview you had me believing and subsequently, the life you had me living. But he keeps reminding me that since we have gotten together that I’m a different person than I was before, the kind of person that finds true life in pursuing him instead of a societies’ status quo. So, American Dream, I must wake up, or I mean break-up. Either way, I’m leaving you. My soul has lived in your cave for too long, and it is time for me to start walking towards the Light.


Aaron Pluim

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