Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Be Like The Trees

This morning, we met as a leadership team to discuss membership/covenant partnership. I was and am still a little delirious about this idea because it is not specifically touched upon in Scripture; however, we are left with great principles to encourage it though. Being naturally curious, I did a little Google search and found a pretty helpful article. Out of this article the one thing that struck me was a simple quote about some trees:

“The great sequoia trees of California are some of the largest living things on earth. Yet, one seldom sees a sequoia standing by itself. Scientists tell us that the sequoia has a relatively shallow root system and that if storms come, a single tree can be felled easily. Nevertheless, a grove of sequoia trees intertwines their roots together, and that provides support for each other in the face of the storms.”

What a beautiful illustration of what a membership or covenant partnership should look like, in idea. Not a list of tasks one must complete to be a part of some club, but rather a commitment to a community that will support each other upon the foundation of the Word of God. Everything else is pretty vague and gray, but this idea of God wanting us to be a unified body is certain. Jesus prayed that we would be unified as Him and The Father are….so whether you are a member or signed a covenant, the community of support is the goal right? Any thoughts?


  1. Man, this is what my country Kenya should learn from. We have quickly burnt down the brotherly support that we had built, picked up the machetes and chopped each other. our leaders have handed up a knockout in their `divide and rule` politics.
    We no longer support each other as christians. What has become of our first love? i shed tears when i volunteered to work in a IDP camp; the hopelessness, anger, fear, hate...all written on peoples face....oh God k

  2. Funny, there is another guy, Jacob, who posted a comment on my first birth/new born post and he is from Kenya as well, I wonder if you know each other... be encouraged brother, you are being prayed for by people over here, especially me. I keep up with the international news and am deeply hurt and connected to what is happening in your area. There is hope in Africa, it is not the forsaken country, Jesus loves you guys over there and we do to.