Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We are ready to die...

“At least 124 people have reportedly been killed in violence sparked by allegations of vote-rigging in Kenya's disputed presidential elections.”
“The streets of the Kenyan capital were almost deserted Monday as the government deployed riot police to quell opposition supporters, some of whom said they would risk death to protest what they called a stolen election.”
"We have been rigged out, we are not going to accept defeat," 24-year-old James Onyango, who lives in Nairobi's Kibera slum, told AP. "We are ready to die and we're ready for serious killings."

As I read this story my mind and soul were wrestling with the thought of these protestors zeal and vigor for their cause. They felt so strongly that the election was taken away from them that they were willing to die to fight the cause. What cause am I willing to die for? Would I really die for this cause? Is there something in your life that would push you to the brink of death in order to defend it? I cannot imagine the feelings and commitment within a person who will die for a cause. Obviously ever cause is not worth dieing for, sometimes the cause is vain or empty. To submit your very life and be willing to die for a cause still fascinates me though.

Disclaimer: God cannot contradict Himself. No one would ever be called to die for God at the expense of innocent lives (suicide bombings).

I am not sure if you have ever read Jesus Freaks or Foxes Book of Martyrs, but both are powerful books containing stories of folks who were willing to die for the cause of Jesus Christ. Not everyone is called to die a martyr’s death, I am thankful for that. Those of us who do follow Christ are called to die to ourselves though (Matthew 16:25). Now, carry the thought from those African protestors, they believed their cause so much that they said they were willing to die. For those of us in Christ, are we willing to die to our old selves for His cause? The only reason Christ says that we must die to ourselves to follow Him is because ourselves, the natural sinful man that we are will not follow Him because we are selfish. Am I excited to die for Christ? Not like actually get killed with a gun because I fear that (not because I fear death, but I fear my lack of faith exposed by this circumstances), but am I excited to see my old self die, my old habits die, my old thoughts die? As I develop my relationship with Jesus Christ and am molded more into His image I will become excited about dieing for the cause right? What are you willing to see die? Are you passionate like the protestors to die to become your new self in Christ?

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