Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Update 01/02

Greetings from the snow globe I call home! Last night it snowed a lot, only about an inch stayed on the ground, but it snowed quite a bit, big white snow flakes, the pretty kind of snow you see on movies. Today it is a grand total of 4 degrees and with windchill it feels like -11! I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas up here with my friends who have become my family. Christmas morning I woke up on The Bunso’s little love seat stuck to the leather to see their whole family asleep in front of the fire place. Carl and Danae allowed the kids to sleep downstairs like that as a treat, they really enjoyed it. We read the true meaning of Christmas and watchesd as they created a tornado of wrapping paper and little toys that will eventually be stepped on by a bare footed Carl or Danae at 3 in the morning at some point. Pat, Suzie, and Ashly came over for Christmas dinner. Basically we had all starches and green bean casserole. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos, bread rolls, macaroni and cheese, filled our plates. After dinner we all sat on the floor in the front room of their house and sang Christmas songs and others like Magicman, Stairway to Heaven, and Time For Me To Fly. Suzie is a great guitar player. It was a great day. I did miss my family in Jacksonville though.
Speaking of Jacksonville, how about those Jaguars! Playoffs again finally! Pittsburgh here we come! I am really excited about how the team has played this year, with Gerard putting up big numbers now plus our defense, we are truly a threat in the playoffs. Saturday is a big day for Jacksonville in the football world.
For New Years I spent it with several friends. Allen & Kristen Bunch, Ryan & Jessica, and Ashly. We all went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. After that Ryan, Jessica, Ashly, and I went to Robyn’s house to drop in on her party. I was stuffed, but since there was food just sitting there, I continued to eat and almost made myself sick. Then Ryan and I got to acting goofy and were laughing so hard I really thought I was going to get sick, we actually had to pull over to the side of the road at one point after we left the party. Jessica made the comment that we are the 2 most sober people she knows but appear to be intoxicated by the way we were laughing and carrying on. Basically this is what we were laughing at: Ryan made the statement that he was a man and based off that we began making statements like these, ”I am a man, my toothbrush is wood, I am a man, my lufa sponge is a brillo pad, I am a man, I use bleach as soap, I am a man, I eat concrete” We just continued that ridiculous thought on throughout the night. Then we got to joking about disciplining our kids. Jessica said that when I have kids they are going to be crazy because of how I am, so that is what got us started on disciplining children because I said I will beat mine (just joking though). Ryan continues that with, “I’ll just call the police and say, ‘I am about to beat my kid you better just come on because I know the neighbors are going to call!’” We are all just joking about this. So I make the comment that his daughter would always be missing a patch of hair too. That just had us dying laughing for the rest of the night. I am not sure why we choose to joke about those things but it was funny if you were there. After our hilarious ride we arrived at Ryan’s house where we played a couple games and I ate a ton of grapes, it was refreshing to change from sweets to a nice fruit. We went back to the Bunches and played Scene It and watched the ball drop, dip a sparkling grape juice toast, and made New Years resolutions.
Here are mine: Be a better listener, be more considerate of others, get on top of finances, pray more, get my weight up to 185lbs, get into a house, and go to Africa. These are all very doable things and all rely on prayer. The most important thing to me would be going to Africa. I have been looking at this missions agency that sends people to Africa for 6 months to up to 2 years. I need to pray that God will allow me to go and that I would begin to prepare right now by saving money and raising support. I am going to make a prayer card/financial support car that I am going to mail out to everyone that I know and pray that God will use others to help finance going to Africa. I am not sure what all of it looks like, I know there are risks, but I have not been able to get the thought of living in Africa for at least 6 months out of my head since I started following Jesus. I must act upon this impulse that I feel is from God. So I am sure you will be getting a card in the mail of handed to you soon, but please join me in prayer as I see what God will do as I surrender to something I have ignored for so long, this Africa thing.
I am also looking at this sweet house on the near East side of Indianapolis. It is a 1924 Colonial style house that is 45,900. It needs a little work, but I am going to have a friend of mine look at it and if he can have all the work contracted out under a certain price then I will buy it and fix it up to live in and really become a part of the community I would like to reach. Again this is just one of those doors that has opened that I am going to walk through and see what God does with it. Please join me in prayer about this as well.
Other than all that things are going really good for me right now. I am working tons of over time at work (God always provides when I am in need) and staying busy with school, church, and my social life. I have a girlfriend now, so that is something else I have thrown into my juggling act. I miss you guys in Jacksonville and am happy to be in Indianapolis where I know God has me for a reason and always affirms that He wants me here for now. Questions or comments leave them on here, I check my site every day for updates, leave your email address for me so I can keep in touch!

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