Monday, January 21, 2008

T-shirt blues, milk carton passion

I’ve come to realize I am a nerd! I used to make fun of my brother because he enjoyed reading. I now find myself wanting to read more and more. I can’t read like fictional novels or things like that, but I love news and things that can educate me more. Because of that I read a lot of little magazines online during my down time at work. I read Relevant Magazine a lot too. I came across one article that really affected me in a deep way. It scared me and excited me all at once. The author starts off by saying how exciting his first experiences in a church were and how vivid his passions for God were. Well, over the years of doing and being a part of the church it has all become uneventful for him and his passions that once plagued him are now missing. I am a very passionate person anyways, but I remember specifically what gets me going, what starts my passion machine, gets my motor pumping out some serious horsepower. I wonder if I have lost my passions, if I have let them wander off into the deep roughage of life and the world. I wonder if my passion is on the back of some milk carton screaming for me to find it. It isn’t home anywhere else but within me. God made me for a specific purpose and has a plan for me, without me acting on my passions, if I just loose them, they are lost and not at home. Is there some annoying pager going off that is mispronouncing my last name as they call me over the intercom system to pick up my poor lost passion that has been searching high and low for me in the 60,000 department store of life. We cannot loose our passions! Have you?

Our exciting Christian journey has turned more into a post car or a t-shirt we get from vacation. We remember going there, being saved, having a change of heart, but it is just a souvenir of our past experience. Why have we lost our vigor and passion for the Lord, when did it become so boring and routine like? How can we break free from this milk carton, save our passions and dreams from the Lord from becoming mere mementos that we parade around in like Disney World t-shirts? It is through prayer I believe this can happen. It is also through a community of other passionate believer to keep you encourage=d and reminded of what you have been made for, your passions.

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