Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Marley Sounds...God Smiles

I’ve been listening to Marley pretty heavily lately (yes part of the reason has to due with the inspiration from I Am Legend). I have the song off of his legend cd, exodus stuck in my head. I’m sure you can hear it in your head even now as you read. Marley was great, still is, music that transcends generations is powerful! Well, I was reading the news the other day and came across this story about the border wall between Egypt and Israel being broken down and thousands of people fleeing into Egypt! Here is a great couple of lines out of the article:

Egyptian guards stood by without intervening, and Egypt's Foreign Ministry spokesman announced that the nation would remain open to the needy "as long as this is a humanitarian crisis."

"We are not opening the Rafah crossing just for everybody to cross -- we're opening it because it's a very dire humanitarian situation," said spokesman Hassam Zaki.
Earlier Wednesday, wave after wave of people -- cheered on by children chanting "God is great" -- washed over fences along the border and into Egypt. They left on foot, in cars and atop donkey carts.

Exodus 2008? Really? I never thought I’d see that. What’s awesome is that these people in Israel, God people, were running through the wall saying, “God is great!” The spokesperson for Egypt was allowing these foreigners to come in because of the needs not being met over in Israel. I bat God’s face is shinning today because of this news story. I know it makes a ton of sense and reflects a lot of what happened in early biblical times with Moses and the Exodus and Joseph positioning himself in Egypt to provide crops for his family. Good story, made me think, I thought you’d enjoy.

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