Monday, January 21, 2008's good for the soul

Friday night I was a part of a community event called Faith, Soul, and Rock-N-Roll. It was a community outreach event for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. I am highly involved with this organization and really believe we can change the city and statistics for a future of young children put in unfortunate circumstances. We had two bands play, Complete (the worship team from Indy Metro) and Brian Reeves & Heart After God. Complete has a rock sound to it and Brian Reeves has a soulful, R&B vibe to it. The audience consisted of a wide array of culture, African-American, Caucasian, Latin, etc. All kind of different music tastes I’d bet. I noticed something and a big picture got put together in my head. As I was sitting at the lighting board at the back of the auditorium Sunday I closed my eyes and just listened to everyone in the audience worship through singing. As I rode home, I noted people in the cars passing me by (Indianapolis drivers are crazy!) singing and banging on their steering wheels, in Starbucks I noticed feet tapping, in the library I noticed rhythmic movements of shoulders to a beat of some music they were listening to on their iPod. We are musical creatures; we pay lots of money to go to Orchestras, concerts, and musicals. Look at all the movies about dance competitions coming out this year, we really enjoy seeing anything that has to do with music. American Idol and Making the Band are reality shows that rule the ratings because of our inner connection to music. Music is in our DNA, it is part of who we are. I am convinced that every human has some kind of musical rhythm within them because we were made to do what will happen when Christ comes back. He is a God of redemption, which means a return to what once was. Take a look at chapter 7 of the book of Revelation. This is a dream God gave John of what Heaven would be like. In Heaven there will be singing and worship of God forever! Since that is how it is in the end, I must believe that in the beginning we were made as musical beings, made to worship Him, the creator, the Savior.

Dancin’ and Singin’, we’ve got soul because we were made to worship Him. Look around a room with music next time you are in one and notice the finger snapping, foot taping, lip synching, and any other type of musical interactions, we all do it.

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