Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cave dwellers

Having hind sight while reading the bible is a beautiful thing. We often get down on the disciples or any other person in the bible that has doubts, fears, or little faith, but don’t realize that we would act just as they did, if not worse, given the chance to. My favorite story of a man who knew God, who had experienced God in huge ways and still fell into deep depression, is about Elijah hiding in the cave. Basically Elijah and the Prophets of Baal have a God-athon to prove who is the true living God. Elijah wins, God conquers the sacrifice and many come to believe in the God of Israel. Great victory story here. Check it out in 1 Kings 18-19. Well Elijah finds himself in this cave wishing death upon himself and God simply asks, “Why are you here?” There are many applications we could pull out of this text, but let’s focus on why he was in that old dark smelly cave. He had just shared in the revealing of God’s glory and seen many come to know the God of Abraham! What a great experience, I can’t imagine having an encounter like that. Well, after that Elijah starts fearing for his life because of a mad woman (that’s why I never want to make a woman mad, they go on rampages…lol). Elijah started focusing on his circumstances and forgot all about what great things God had done.

My friends recently moved away from Indianapolis and I was talking to one of them and she was just stressing about all the negatives about the move and I told her to stop being Elijah and climb out of her cave. I personally focus on my circumstances too much, I think we all do. I keep a journal to remind myself of all God has done so I won’t end up in a cave. My thought here is that many of us end up almost depressed and down in the dirt because we worry about what is happening now or we let one thing distract us from all He has done. What if we focused on those glory moments and His splendor rather than circumstances? What cave are you in? Are you looking for God? May you remember God and all He is and has done in your personal life and live in a way to avoid living in the cave. He is good, we must remember He is always God and circumstances will not change that. May be learn from Elijah. May we stay out of caves.


  1. Hey Adam- the Abels miss you! We don't comment on your posts because Dan and I need time to really read them! They are like poetry! You make some awe inspiring comments. I love "backwards" I think in our own way we can all relate to feeling this way- as we should- Christ does change us. I am glad to see you are doing well in school, and you are on fire for the church again. Sounds like some exciting stuff- 20 degree weather that is a little less exciting to me. Hope to catch you next trip...kids give a big hug to MR. ADAM!

  2. Hey Kel, thanks for leaving the comment, I miss yawl too. I got the Christmas ornament Ashley made for me, too cute. Being changed has been a great experience but sometimes it seems so odd, but that is what I signed up for and know it is all worth it in the end.