Thursday, January 3, 2008

Boiling Noodles

Besides throwing a noodle against the wall to watch it stick, another way to find out if your noodles are done when boiling is if they all come to the top, if they surface (at least that is what I do).
A great friend and a personal hero of mine and I met this morning for coffee. We have been talking about this idea to meet with people we see potential for as leaders or fire starters (people of influence in their community who want to do something) around the city. We want to see what God will do with a bunch of people fired up to do something for Jesus by meeting together and discussing how to be a leader, developing ideas or dreams, and generally making a bigger impact for Christ in this city, Indianapolis. But how? One of my thoughts this morning was to boil them and bring whatever passion it is inside them God has placed to the surface and then work on that, develop it, and put it to action. What does that mean? Well, every one of us have something inside that we feel, that we are passionate about, some kind of dream or vision. When I first met Christ he put some particular passions in me and has gifted me in a certain way. I think this is true of everyone who follows Christ. Unfortunately, life gets a hold of us and we get busy and it is easy to let all that passion and vision sink to the bottom of us. It always takes something or someone to bring that back to surface. The other week I reconnected with a friend I had kind of lost contact with over a couple months. It is rare for me to find another person to connect with spiritually that is on the same page as I am and will be honest with me. Well he was and is. So we both set aside some time to get together and just talk. We talked about tons of stuff, but I walked away from our time together all fired up about what God had placed in me, I was motivated, on fire, and ready to do something! That talk brought up those passions and visions. We all need that to motivate us, we all need something to boil that mess to the surface. So we plan to start meeting maybe once a month or occasionally with other people around the city who have big passion and dreams and help get that fire started again, motivate, or boil that passion to the surface so we can see this city changed for Christ. What is with you God has placed to do? What are your passions that have subsided? When you started following Christ what were you ready to do, what were you fired up to do? Spend some time in reflection and try to figure it out and then try to act on it. If you didn’t have to worry about money or anything else in life but what you wanted to do for Christ, what would it be? Find that out and act on it, God has placed that within you for a specific reason and when you act on it, then you experience this life abundantly Jesus talked about. May you find your passion and act on it this year.

Looking for a good book to fire you up about this stuff? I’ve been reading Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels, it’s got me all jaked up like I’m on mountain dew! I’m ready to jump on my passions like a spider monkey! Check it out, it is a short easy read, about 150 pages.

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