Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Bible is NOT red, white, and blue, it IS black and white!

Jesus doesn’t wear the American Flag!

Sorry folks, forgive me for being forward, Jesus is not democratic, the kingdom will not be, our current government (republican or democratic) is flawed and will always be because it is full of sinful men and women. The bible does not talk a ton about democracy, it is an establishment built by men…

If you know me, you know how much I enjoy getting into spiritual conversations that force you to think and reason. I love to mix things up a bit. As much of a fan of passionately discussing issues with fellow brothers and sisters, there is one area that I loathe touching. I think I’d rather have my tongue staples to the ceiling than talk about this. Anything but this….

What is this…this is politics! I love going to school because I get to be in a room full of men and women passionate about Christ. We feel open enough to talk to each other about our opinions and we always question each other, it is a very challenging atmosphere that promotes tons of growth, I love it. However, off the wall comments are always made that can bring up disputes and strong disagreements. Last night the professor brings up the question that based on the impression made or decisions a leader makes will it affect his ability to lead in the future? He used two examples, Bill Clinton and George W Bush. The answer in itself was simple, yes! Clinton and Bush will be greatly affected as leaders and their futures as leaders due to the choices they made. That is a simple thought, but because people are so passionate about their political stances we had a 2 hour debate on what the war was for and how good or not good Bush is. We would take turns and when it came to my final turn of saying my piece I said, “Can we take a break, I feel like we have wrapped the bible in a flag and this conversation is going no where.”

I am always game to hear different opinions and such, but not within politics. I noticed within listening to my classmates last night that no matter what we have pledge our allegiance to our democratic party or republican party first and Jesus fits within that somehow. I noticed that they were backing up their opinions about there particular political stance with the bible, that’s called isagesis, it is what tears apart the body and creates false teachers. Isagesis is man looking into the bible for backup of his own view rather than allowing the bible to create his view, exegesis. We stand up at sporting events, in schools, and at government meetings and pledge our allegiance to a country that is ONE NATION UNDER GOD, but forget that we are not a nation under God any longer, we have removed God from our courthouses, schools, and are attempting to remove Him from our money. So where is our allegiance? Mine is with Christ first! I am registered as Republican, but I will be the first to say that the Bush administration made poor decisions. My view of government is shaped by the bible, not the other way around. So next time you read the bible or get into a political debate with someone, remember where your allegiance starts, with Christ!

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