Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As you saw in my blog about going home I had a great experience. The only thing that I walked away with that really hurt me was a little comment said almost in jest, but I know that it came from a deeper opinion rooted in what they really thought about me (well, Christ really, and what He has called me to do). I went over to see my grandma, I call her Nana, she is in her eighties and is the sweetest little thing ever. She used to be so bitter and mean, but I think as people get older they become sweeter. Although she is sweet she has not lost her back hills Kentucky opinion and brutal honesty. So my mom told me this hilarious story about Nana going to the doctor, I cried it was so funny. So my mom asked Nana to tell me and she refused to tell me, she had told other people in the family, but she said she would not tell me this story because I am backwards. At the moment I just laughed it off and told her it was ok, she did not have to tell me the story. So on the way down to Tampa I was riding with my mom and I was telling her how this hurt my feelings. Then I asked, “they all think I’m crazy don’t they?” I was asking about what the rest of my family thought of me. My mom answers back reluctantly and says, “yeah, they think you are radical, over the top…” I don’t think anyone can understand how much that hurts to hear. I have always been the golden boy of my family. I always cause people to laugh, they think I am going great places with my life, I am a great student, I had a long term girl friend. This was all before I decided to give my life to Christ when I was 21. Not much has changed though, I have a 4.0 in school right now, have a good job, have the same personality, but I decided to follow God no matter what, which brought me to Indianapolis. They say they respect me for being so dedicated, but they really don’t understand why and apparently I am seen as backwards by my family. Ouch!
I was telling my friend Kente about this the other night ad he says, “That’s good man; they should see you as backwards!” He is right you know… Christ causes us to be reborn into a new spiritual life, our hearts are changed forever, and because of this we should do things differently from the rest of the world. My family is not full of people who love and follow Jesus, so what they see me doing for Jesus seems backwards in their world, which maybe sometimes it is. So I guess I am embracing this whole backwards thing now. Living for Christ changes how you do things and I think it is healthy when people notice the change. I am encouraged though, Jesus says that no one who has left their home on account of Him will fail to receive a hundred times the blessing of this life, basically becoming backwards will not go unrewarded (Mark 10:29-31).
So may you become backwards and be encouraged in those moments of pain when people tell you that you are backwards, take it as a compliment, because they notice the change Christ has had on you.


  1. Crossroads huh? Have you met Pastor Willett yet? Don't let his scatterbrained way of doing things and appearance deter you, his heart is absolutely beautiful. He's one of my favorite people. My email is Christina.Circle@gmail.com. This is a great post by the way, I know what it's like to be the crazy one...

  2. hey Adam...what a great post! I remember those beginning days of watching you weigh out your "radical Jesus following" options....knowing you wanted to do something really radical but didn't know what...and then came Indy. Way to follow through and continue to "walk the walk" in front of your family...even sweet Nana...and others. Hope all is well...