Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why do we do what we do when we do what we do?

Say that ten times fast! Obligation or honor, to-do list or get to-do list? I always get nervous when I find myself doing things corporately, not because I think corporations are evil all together, but I just want to make sure I am doing what I am doing because my heart is in it. Maybe I am just a thinker, but I always question why I am doing something. We had a discussion in class the other night about the difference in styles of different generations within things like leadership and evangelism. One gentleman made a comment about seeing a kid with his whole body covered in tattoos and piercings talking to people about Jesus and he thinks that he is crossing some lines and not upholding a "holy standard" by doing this. I thought it was awesome, using your past or personality type to reach others just like you, but apparently I was one of the few (there were 2 of us) that felt this way. The guys got all up in arms about how Christians are supposed to do things a certain way and on and on and finally I raised my hand and just said that I could care less what another Christian thinks of me trying to tell people about Jesus as long as I am not causing them to stumble because that would be the only Biblical base for opposing thoughts. Basically I took myself back from the situation and just listened for a while and after I reflected for several minutes I was overwhelmed by the intense weight smell of religion and quite frankly, a little displeased by it. I said I went to a bar to meet a guy who was open to talking about Christ and everyone’s eyebrows raised and one guy said, “Now see that’s what I’m talking about, no regards for holy standards!” I found this humorous at this point, watching all these grown men, protect and defend their religious rules, so I began to ask the point or purpose behind thinking I could not go into a bar. I said I am not causing a Christian to stumble because the guy I am meeting doesn’t know Jesus, and was getting on his turf looking and praying for opportunity. As the night ticked away the conclusion or resolution in my head was this; people do things and don’t know why, they believe things and don’t know why, they say things and don’t know why. So I challenge myself, daily, do question why I do what I do, especially within Christianity. Jesus was not about religion, He did not like rules that created a heavy burden and really had no point besides just being rules. Rules without purpose are really nothing anyways right? So next time you think something or do something on your Christian walk, ask yourself why and if you don’t know why, spend a little time in the Word and in prayer and try to figure it out, if it is independent of Christ, throw it out!

PS. I am working on a book called Point of Process that dives into deeper detail and other areas within Christian practices and beliefs. Look for that one day before I die...Please pray God will give me words to write for this venture as well.

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