Wednesday, December 12, 2007

That's a miracle!

I paid my rent this month, what a miracle…Modern medicine is a miracle…Being able to fly Southwest from Indianapolis to Jacksonville in under 2 hours is a miracle…open heart surgery is a miracle…finding that extra 6 dollars was a miracle…Really, what is a miracle, have we diminished a miracle to just something marvelous or extraordinary in human eyes?

In Jesus’ day we presume there were other healings and marvels going on. The reason this can be assumed is because Simon the Sorcerer was going around doing wonders and offered to buy the Holy Spirit (Acts 8). People walking around doing healings and wonders was nothing new in Jesus’ day. The difference between Jesus’ miracles and the others was one and it was simply, they were only to reveal God’s glory. Each miracle account in the Gospel of John is directly linked with a teaching and circumstance that would reveal God’s glory. Jesus did not heal because he did not want anyone to be sick, or any one to die, He healed in the right time and place to reveal God’s glory. Now with that said, let us understand some requirements for something to be called miracles: It must be directly linked with giving glory to God. It is a miracle when a poor family who is 109th on a list of heart donors prays and receives a heart paid for by a wealthy family within weeks of being put on the donors list, their faith in prayer and God’s deliverance made this a miracle. Someone getting a heart transplant in general is not a miracle although it is a great advancement in science. When I was thinking about all this I just noticed how many things we attribute as a miracle that are totally independent of God. Me paying my rent is not a miracle, it is called being a good steward of my money. So what do you think miracles are? If the act does not glorify God in its immediate context it is not a miracle in light of Jesus’. John says that the only reason he wrote his Gospel with the accounts of so few miracles out of the many Jesus did is so that the readers would believe. You have to think that is why Jesus did them as well. He said after raising Lazarus from the tomb that it was for the benefit of those around to see Him raise him from the dead (John 11:1-44). Jesus isn’t into vain miracles with no purpose; they must glorify the Father and reveal Him further. Interesting thought right…

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