Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow + Ice + Symphony + Taco Hut = A Good Night!

I figured I would update you on my wonderful life inside the snow globe they call Indianapolis this time of year. I awoke yesterday around 11:30 (it was the first time I have slept in since I have lived here, besides being sick and not going to work) to see a blurry silhouette of the war memorial outside of my window. It was not blurry because I had sleep in my eyes or getting older and my eyes don’t work as well, no it was due to the large amount of snow falling from the sky. Oh how beautiful it is to see snow fall and powder the ground as far as the eye can see. I spent the majority of my day inside listening to piano music, drinking hot cocoa, and reading. I felt very refined, almost enough to wear a smokers jacket and I don’t even smoke! It warmed up a little last night so the snow turned into slush, then it cooled down again and the slush turned to ice. I took my friends to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra last night…kind of…

A brief detour to explain how I kind of took my friends…A lady at work knows that I am into volunteering and such so she told me that they needed volunteers to help wrap cookies and watch the concession stand before and during intermission and when we were not doing that we were allowed to go in and watch the Symphony. It was the Christmas Yuletide special, with Sandi Patty (a huge Indiana native who is adored here) and the African Children’s Choir, so it was a treat to see indeed! So we basically got to serve (which is always awesome) and got into the Symphony for free (it normally runs between $50-70 to get in)

After the Orchestra Ryan and I ran to the truck so the girls didn’t have to walk in the snow and slip on the ice (see chivalry isn’t dead)…So here Ryan and I are running to the parking garage trying not to slip, all dressed up in our fancy Symphony duds. Afterwards we all went back to Jessica and Kristin’s house (Jessica is Ryan’s girlfriend and Kristin is one of my best friend’s (Allen) wife and Ashly was with us too, she is basically my girlfriend, but we are still figuring all that out together…) and watch Fun With Dick And Jane. Good flick, very funny, I laughed several times, plus the company was great. Ryan got up to let Jade outside (Allen and Kristin’s dog) and totally tripped on a shoe, it was a good fall, great timing! Ryan and I get this sudden man craving at 1030 so we decide to run to Wendy’s. We get to Wendy’s drive through and they say, “Hello, we are closed due to weather conditions.” How lame! We go across the street to Taco Hut (one of those half Taco Bell half Pizza Hut places) and get tons of food, like a feast of bachelor’s dreams. We look all goofy trying to walk up Allen and Kristin’s stairs without trying to slip and drop the food, although it would have made for great laughs. Allen and Kristin’s house is in this really old classy neighborhood that has steps up to the front door, so when Ashly and I left they were all iced over. I’m walking Ashly to the truck and we look like a little old couple with arthritis of the hips because we are walking so slow, trying our best not to fall.

This morning it is a grand total of…drum roll please…15 degrees! It has snowed 4 inches already and the roads are all iced over. I’ve been at work doing over time since 4 and get off at 8, so I’ve just been looking out the window and have already made a run to the closest convenient store for Red Bulls and Twix. The weather is pretty nasty. So nasty in fact that we, Indy Metro Church, cancelled services today! It is supposed to snow all day, they say we could possibly get a foot by the end of the weekend. Crazy right. Welcome to my life in December. Funny thing is December is the beginning of it all, come Jan, Feb, and Mar we are talking about feet of snow and negative temperatures (I know all you Floridians back in Jacksonville are burning with jealousy right now). Anyways I’m kind of delirious because I just decided to not sleep last night because I had to be at work at 4 so I’m sure this blog entry will be quite humorous to look back on, but I’ve attached some photos of the snow over the last couple days, enjoy my world through photos. Miss you guys and def miss the warm beach! By the way, go Jags, I will never convert to the Colts!

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