Monday, December 3, 2007

Sit Boo Boo Sit, Good Dog!

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…or can you? Our natural tendency is to lien towards or back to what we know. We are born into a world that teaches that we must constantly prove ourselves and become something that we can really never obtain. The problem with this natural bent is that it will always require more than we can give. So once we have accepted the love God offers through Jesus Christ’s redemptive sacrifice we tend to always go back to our old ways. That is why we must daily remind ourselves that God isn’t looking for us to build our way up to Him. He is looking for our faith each day. Because we have faith in Him we will live our lives as living sacrifices. Now what this means is that we will give our lives and all of our old ways to God because we want to not because we have to, there is no feeling of obligation, rather honor. So I challenged myself this weekend to evaluate what I do and really make sure I am doing nothing because I feel like God will not accept me unless I do it. I challenge any follower of Christ to do the same, evaluate yourself to see what kind of personal sacrifice you are each day. So I pray you and I will both strive to be the daily sacrifice Paul talks about in Romans 12. Paul urges us in view of God’s mercy to offer ourselves as living sacrifices. So basically because of His sacrifice we will want to do religious activities rather than doing a bunch of acts to build ourselves up into what the worlds will think is super Christian. I just know I have to watch myself to make sure I am doing new tricks and always following Christ out of a personal desire. So I pray you will catch yourself in the middle of your natural descent back to your old self before Christ and not feel like you have to earn His love through acts, but do them out of appreciation and love for what He has done.

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