Friday, December 28, 2007

Self Defense

Defending our homes…standing up for what is right…standing up for ourselves…defending God…really? Is any of this necessary? I play basketball at the YMCA downtown a lot and have gotten to know a lot of the guys that I normally play with. Because most of these guys are talented ball players they do not like to make mistakes and get really frustrated. Well, last week I made some mistakes running point and so one of my teammates is mumbling under his breathe to another team mate how stupid I am for making those mistakes. I normally do not say anything and laugh almost everything off because it is just a game and we are not professionals. This days was different. I piped up and said, “Why don’t you man up and speak to me if you have something to say…” This guy is like 4 times my size, but I just got tired of hearing him disrespect me and decided I needed to say something. I needed to defend myself. This week I went to make a sweet pass to a guy in the paint and the ball slipped off my fingers and it went way off the mark. So my team mate yells at the top of his lungs at me to stop making stupid passes (mind you this was the first any only bad pass all game and we played 4 straight). I immediately respond with, “Hey man, it’s just a game, you need to chill out.” I didn’t yell back I just said that in a calm voice. As I left something in me felt weird. I couldn’t shake defending myself, I felt bad about it. Should I have even said anything? Is it necessary to defend myself against things like that? Shouldn’t I be able to take the abuse and know that God is in control and I do not have to defend myself? Last night I was sitting in my girlfriend’s car talking and watched this man walk up to the rear door and try to open it. I told her to throw it in reverse to escape and when she did the guy took off. What would I have done if he would have gotten in the car? My friend Aaron had a similar experience last week that he wrote about on his blog. So I know this issue extends outside of my little mind. I know the Lord protects those he loves, but what if he did get in? Should I defend myself or trust God will protect me? Or is it a healthy balance? This defense thing is complex eh?

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