Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa’s Conspiracy

Last year we had our 1st Annual Cheesy Christmas Sweater Party and it was great! The jewels found in Goodwills and Salvation Armies were great. We all looked like a blast from the past in a bad way! Well, this year we had the 2nd Annual Cheesy Christmas Sweater Party! This year we mixed it up a little though. Instead of just having college students, we partnered up with as many people who wanted to come as possible. So we had quite the turn out, between 20-30 people, all dressed in the ugliest, cheesiest, Christmas sweaters I have ever seen. With that many different personalities and sweaters, naturally, we turned it into a competition. My mom and sister-in-law were in town (there will be a blog about this later on) and the first place we went on Saturday morning was the Goodwill in search of a ridiculous looking Christmas sweater. I searched high and low all day and could not find one. Finally on the way to the party we stopped by Walgreens to picked up some white lights for my Christmas tree and lo and behold, there she was, a true beauty, waiting for me all along at Walgreens, I had found my sweater. It was 7.99 and couldn’t be any uglier or cheesier. So I wore a woman’s turtle neck with Christmas trees, santas, and hearts on it under this newly acquired sweater, then over top I put on a hand knitted cardigan made with Christmas colors, topped off with a lovely beanie (my signature style in the winter, got to love those hats!). I must say that the look was hilarious! And boy oh boy did the competition get fierce quick, every time the door would open to new guest I would see sweaters that made me cower in fear.
Everyone who came was assigned to bring a certain item, I was assigned cookies of course, because that is something I cannot mess up. We had an abundance of food including turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, green been casserole, corn, stuffing, pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese (the homemade kind with the hard cheese on top…my favorite), rolls, and all kind of desserts! It was truly a great dinner and evening of friends and fun. After dinner we went into the basement for our white elephant gift exchange. The first gift I picked was a year old fruit cake, it was pretty sick, it smelled awful! I coaxed my friend Ryan into trading with me and the next gift I picked was a cheesy 1980’s style ceramic model of the orchestra on the prairie up north in Indianapolis, it had lights and everything (it is sitting under my Christmas tree as I type!)! During the white elephant gift exchange we also had to place our votes for the cheesiest Christmas sweater. And yes these ballots did seem skewed like Florida’s! There was a girl prize and a guy prize for cheesiest sweater. And the results were in….the girl’s winner was (drum roll)…Megan Wynn! Now the guys…(drum roll)…(uncomfortable silence)…it’s a tie! What? That’s not what I had in mind! It was a tie between Ryan and I! So the idea to break the tie was a dance off! This I could do! Me being a gentleman, I let Ryan go first, that was a big mistake. Let me disclaimer what happened by saying this, every time Ryan and I hang out we learn that we are more and more alike. Ryan sassed walked over to me and busted all these sweet moves. As he was bringing wicked funk to my face I would think about the next gnarly move I would respond with, but he would do the exact move I was thinking about, it was like he was reading my mind. At the end I had nothing left but a couple chest pumps and booty pops, but all in vain because Adam GOT SERVED! As I liked my wounds for the next several hours I was consoling in my sister-in-law Nicole who laid some jive news on me…
Nicole told me that when they were counting votes in the kitchen upstairs as we all waited in the basement in nothing short of dramatic anticipation that I got 7 votes and Ryan got 6! That would make me winner right? Yes! Well, back on October at the pumpkin carving party I pulled away with a huge win for best pumpkin carving. Danae said since I won that contest that she didn’t want me to win this one, so she said they would tell us it was a tie! This is some kind of conspiracy against Adam I think! I was outraged and disappointed that I withstood the embarrassment of having Ryan dance me out of the room because someone did not want to call me champ. So now that we all know the truth I would like you to know that I pulled a sweep of all holidat themed party contest this year and would like to be called Champ from now on! I’ve also added some photos below for your viewing and laughing pleasure.

This is me getting served!

Ryan and I look gross in this picture, but we were dancing and we look a little bit like we like men(sick I know)!

Ryan and I as friends before he burned me with the crucial dance Jessica, Ryan. and I...The hand with painted nails is not mine!Myself with the ever so cute Isaiah Bunso!

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