Monday, December 24, 2007

Rubrics Cube

We have been given the gift of grace and hindsight in our 21st century church. Often I find Christians beating up on the disciples for the decisions they made or questions they had. We make Thomas out to be a horrible man and Peter a fool. I would have asked to touch Jesus’ side too, I probably would ask to touch Him if He were to appear to me now and if I were Peter I probably would have said the things he said, I would have told Jesus I would die for Him and I would have cut of an ear or two for His sake. The gift of hindsight is a wonderful thing. We are fortunate to have the whole story, to see the whole plan unfold before our eyes in the complete canonized Bible. The disciples were dealing with emotions and thoughts within the story, within the plan we know at full.
Jesus made a lot of claims and did a lot of things. His ministry was not just a good example it was God on earth showing His creation what He desires, His glory. There are several things that are amazing about the resurrection of Christ. There is no way He could have not been dead in the tomb, it was 3 days later that He resurrected. Christ is now living in and through us through the Holy Spirit. He revealed Himself after he was resurrected to hundreds of people. What was His reason in this I wonder? Why did He feel it necessary to show Himself to the disciples again, He already told them what would happen…
If Jesus would not have risen from the dead like He claimed He would, He would be a liar and God does not lie, so He would fail to be God. So if He rose and showed Himself to all these people, then what He said must all be true! You have to imagine that once all this resolved in the minds of the disciples they had a huge light bulb over their heads and ran as quickly as possible to tell everyone about the living God they serve, the living God that offers hope, the living God that offers forgiveness. Could you imagine if you were to have all this knowledge? That my friends is what we call a rhetoric question… The reality of it all is we do have the knowledge of Christ. The disciples had to figure all this out, wait for it all to happen before it all came together. It’s like a rubrics cube. All those different colors, it takes forever to put together, but once you do, you tell everyone. The disciples had to wait for it all to come together, but when Christ resurrected, it all came together and was all lined up. We have the advantage of having a complete rubrics cube in front of us…is this exciting to you? Who have you told about it?

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