Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Road

I have always had a problem with how the modern church beats up on the disciples and there short comings. I can’t imagine experiencing what they did and not acting the way they did. In fact, I would venture to say they acted better than I personally would have. They spend years with Jesus believing He is the Messiah. Their understanding of things was not always clear and most of the time took hindsight to comprehend. For some reason, Jesus’ death came as a surprise to the disciples. For some reason they believed they could stop it or protect Jesus, Peter cut off a guards ear trying to protect Him. The reality is that sometimes we miss what is right in front of us, what is most obvious because we look for things in secret places.

I finally decided to buy a good pair of glasses so I could see at night. I bought Nike glasses that were a bit more expensive than I would ever think about. So naturally I’m a freak about not loosing them. So one night I was about o go out somewhere that required me to drive, so logically I went to find my glasses. I began to wig out because I could not find them, I looked everywhere, in my bedroom, on my desk, in my shoes, in the refrigerator, on my entertainment center, everywhere, and could not find them. Finally in a dramatic moment of panic I through my hand on top of my head as a sign of my worry and anxiety and felt something hard, that felt a lot like glasses. Hmm…funny how things like that happen. I looked everywhere except the most obvious place.
Do we do this with God? Look in the miracles, the exceptional places, the sanctuaries, the deep prayer vigils, or summer camps? Do we miss God in the obvious? There is a story in Luke Ch 24 where two disciples where walking on the road to Emmaus. I’m sure they were down and out, I can’t imagine how they felt, Jesus had just died, for all they thought, it was all over. Then this “stranger” begins walking with them asking why they are sad and creating conversation. They walk for seven miles and then invited Him to eat with them and still did not notice it was Jesus! They were so caught up in Jesus being in that grave that they didn’t expect to see Him walking with them. It was not until Jesus broke bread, gave thanks, and started passing it out that they saw who He really was and at that moment He disappeared. It says that their eyes were opened and the recognized Him. What was closing their eyes, what was blocking their vision, the circumstances, the worry, the short sightedness? What is blocking your vision from seeing Jesus walking with you? Do you expect to see Jesus only in certain circumstances or do you expect Him to in everything? May you see Jesus walking with you down whatever road you are on and not dared be blinded by circumstances!

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