Monday, December 24, 2007


Remember MC Hammer? He had this one song out, called Pray. That sweet little ditty went a little something like this…

“That's word,we pray(pray) ah,yeah,pray We need to pray Just to make it today I need to pray(pray),ah,yeah,pray We need to pray Just to make it today That's word,we pray”

Jesus prayed. Moses prayed. Mc Hammer prayed. I’d presume you pray. I pray. Do you believe in prayer? I was reading Relevant the other day and came across this article that really messed me up, it was called "I Don't Believe In Prayer". I mean like punched me in the stomach and wouldn’t stop, it still hasn’t a week later. The author says that he doesn’t believe in prayer! Oh I can hear the gasps now! We should crucify him, at least stone him…right…or maybe just call him blasphemer. You should definitely read the article, it will change the way you think about it all.

Basically he says that if we really believe din prayer that we would pray more, our lives would look a lot different. The first thing I do when I am freaking out about my finances is call my mom. Seems logical right…wrong! The first thing I should do is pray. I should pray God provides me with my needs. The bible says some pretty powerful things about the importance and clout of prayer. When you read the gospels, we see Jesus praying a lot. He would even separate Himself from others to just go pray. Shouldn’t we? Why do we treat prayer like a religious habit, like it is something we have to do. Prayer is a great opportunity and honor. We actually get to speak to God, the Holy Father, and we get to talk to Him. He gives us His complete attention, so why wouldn’t we pray more? Must be a timing issue then… When do I have time? Never honestly. If I did get my wish some days and I got a couple more hours in the day like 26 hour days instead of 24, would I spend the additional 2 praying? I doubt it. It’s not that we don’t have time, it is that we don’t make it. We don’t make it because we really don’t believe in it. If you believe in something doesn’t that mean you can tell. Like I believe my chair will hold up 175lbs so I sit in it. I believe in prayer but… (you can insert the excuse because I am full of them)…
May you pray, may you seek Him and truly seek this holy practice of prayer, he is listening, are you willing?

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