Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pigeon or Statue

“Everyday is a sunny day. Some days you’re a pigeon. Some days you’re a statue.”Anonymous

I went to grab some grub with Aaron today at Jimmy Johns. We were sitting in the corner of the place and across from me was this sign with the above quite on it. I’m not sure why, but this sign stuck out to me and has lead me to this computer. For some reason this idea that every days is a sunny day touched me. I work in a contact center environment so there are all kinds of different personalities, cultures, and pasts represented in hundreds of cubicles on my floor. This idea that everyday is a good day, every day is a sunny day, your perspective may be different. As a pigeon, you roam freely; see the earth in beautiful views from above in your flight, and get free hand outs from people (you know you feed pigeons stuff sometimes). As a status, you are static, void of life, you may get pooped on by the pigeons, you are dark and lonely. We should cherish each day and realize that it is always sunny and check our own attitudes before saying, “This day is horrible!” We are not promised another day, so we must live each day like it is a blessing, because I truly is.

I’ve learned that each morning when I roll out of bed, the circumstances of the day don’t make it bad or good, but my viewpoint. So I choose my days destiny of being sunny or not by what angle I am looking at it from. Are you a bird or a pigeon, or does it matter? The day is always sunny!

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