Monday, December 24, 2007

My Friend PC (or Mac)

Disclaimer: I have Facebook, I am an email guy, and I have my own blogsite, so in no way am I trying to trash on people who have this stuff.

I have a girlfriend now…yes, for real…Well, she was talking to her friends the other day and on two occasions the responses to her saying that we were official was, “Really, like Facebook and all?” This makes me chuckle and mad at the same time. Why do I have to post my personal life on the internet for those who I don’t really have a personal relationship anymore or at all to begin with to read? Does changing my relationship status on Facebook mean anything at all? Those who are close to me, what I call true friends, are aware of what goes on in my personal life (I limit the people I even let read my blogsite because of this) and that is all I am worried about. So that got me thinking about how much has changed in what we call personal relationships. I mean, now I say that I am friends with some one just because they are on my friends list on a social networking site. The amount of friends on your list generally becomes this outward expression of your coolness anyways. Because you have 189,716 friends, this must mean you are cool… This is such a flawed thought process. How many meaningful relationships out of all those people exist? The way we communicate has become cyclical too because of this. When email first came out, it was personal, so was text messaging. Now we would rather call people. We have an unspoken rule between myself and another friend on leadership at church, no emails or text messages on important issues. Because now we just graze over them, don’t really read them. This has become our personalized way of relationships. Really, in a society that boasts so much advancement, this is what we have come up with? So cherish your friendships or relationships with family, have fun with Facebook, but don’t let it or any other substitution supersede a personal relationship.

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  1. Keep doing the Lord's work. (get the beer bottle of the picture next to the computer)

    Cousins James and LaShanta (jax, fl)

    Merry CHRISTmas cuz,got your website address from CHRISTmas card you sent Michelle. We would like to send you a picture. Hope all is well. Let us know if you get this message. (this is LaShanta typing)

    Take Care,

    James, LaShanta, Ikeya and Jayme Joyner