Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Evolution of Cheese

If you have ever seen Family Man with Nicholas Cage and Don Cheadle you are familiar with the scene where Don Cheadle sets down the lotto ticket on the counter in the convenient store and exclaims, “Chedda Comin!” Meaning he is about o get paid, that cheese (money) is coming, not just any cheese though, cheddar cheese! The first time outside of that movie I heard this term used was one late night playing monopoly with a group of great friends. Allen passed go and exclaimed, “Chedda Comin!” Now anytime I know that I am getting money, payday, incentives at work, refunds from school loan, etc., I exclaim, “Chedda Comin!” I work in customer service for an insurance company. We get $1 for each time we set up an inspection on a vehicle. Don said we should ring a bell each time we get a dollar. Of course I suggested that we should each exclaim, “Chedda Comin!” You may remember Diamond Don from my past post “A Bad Day”. Well, he is an older guy and we sit in what most would call a professional office. So throughout the day you will hear this 50 something year young man exclaim, “Chedda Comin!” This brings me great laughter through out the day and thought you may want to see what work is like for me. Good fun most of the time!

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