Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Cup

Communion…The Lord’s Supper…what pictures fill your head when you read or hear these words? Is it the golden serving plates, grape juice, stale bread, sorrow, joy, forgiveness, what is it that comes to mind? We had communion together last week in our Sunday gathering. Every time I have taken the bread and grape juice I have a rush of thoughts and emotions unique to each time I take it, they repeat almost every time I take the bread and drink the juice in remembrance of my Lord.

It is great to look at the Bible holistically and not just focus on an isolated moment. In doing this I have stumbled across, well, the Lord has put them in my lap, great truths and deeper insight to things. I had one of these moments last week when we took communion together as a church body. I ran across the story of the disciples’ requesting to sit at Jesus’ right in Mark (Mark 10:35-45) the night after we took communion. Jesus responds to them with a question though, “"Can you drink the cup I drink or be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with?" What cup? What does He mean? Well, Jesus was about to go to Jerusalem to be crucified, publicly humiliated, tortured, rejected, and disgraced. Jesus knew the path He was walking would not feel good, it would not make Him feel nice and soft on the inside, it would not be pretty. The cup is suffering, this is the cup in which Jesus drank from.

So as I was remembering Jesus and all He has done, remembering what He saved me from, remembering His mercy, His forgiveness, I remembered the Roman torture He went through, the crown of thorns shoved into His skull, the cat of nine tails that ripped flesh from His back, the hair ripped out from His beard, the saliva spit in his face. I remember God taking the image of a broken, beaten man, to take the burden of sin from me. The bread and juice taste much sweeter and seem so much heavier when I think about it this way. Jesus knew we would forget and that is why He commanded us to do this as often as we meet in remembrance of Him. In the Jewish culture of that day in which He spoke these words, a family dinner was a big deal, it happened almost every night, so Jesus was serious about us remembering Him. I’m not saying do it every night or suggesting any type of pattern to it, I’m simply suggesting remember that the cup you take when you take communion is a cup of suffering and redemption at the cost of innocent blood, Holy blood, blood that is Love. Isn't it sweetto have such a reminder of this cup Jesus took? I pray you remember Jesus daily, remember His sacrafice for you.

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