Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Come Down From There Justin!

“Could you stop your mumbling it’s hard to hear you from way up here…” This is a line in a song by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. My questions are: where is way up there and how do you get there? What are the implications of way up there? Is there a certain way up there you can obtain that makes you look down on everyone else, that makes you higher than humanity? I work in customer service for an insurance company so I get to interact with different customers throughout the day. Of course, I get the angry callers, the confused callers and most of the time I can remain cool and not bothered because I understand the reason for their nastiness over the phone. Maybe they are frustrated because they don’t understand, they might feel like they are not being treated fairly, or they might just be having a really hard time going through an accident at the time they are speaking to me. All are excusable and explainable in my book. I get a call this morning from an angry person who was hit by one of our customers. I can understand being a little upset that your car was hit, in his case he had a new BMW 3 series, so I can totally understand. He introduces himself as Doctor Whocares and I respond, “Ok, I have your information in front of me Mr. Whocares, how can I help you?” For the sake of not using true names I am referring to him as Dr or Mr. Whocares because I honestly don’t. I think it is funny that people give these titles as a means to elevate themselves above others, so that is why I call him Dr. or Mr. Whocares. When I call him Mr. he says that I am to call him Doctor because I don’t know him and we are not friends. Well, that set the mood of the call for me. He then began to demean me and talk to me as if I were a child, like I was not as smart as he is or like he was on a different level than I am. As American’s we tend to think some parts of the world are crazy because they still operate within casts systems, but don’t we still have these? This guy spoke to me as if were not human, so I stopped him mid-sentence at one point and told him I was trying to help him, but he does not need to speak to me like he is better and I continued to tell him I have spoken to people who were in higher positions and had nicer vehicles than him and he needs to understand we do not help people based on their social status. Boy did he hate that! I ended up having to tell him that I have helped as much as I could and said had a nice day and had to hang up on him because he was heated over us not bowing down to him because he was a doctor who drove a BMW.
Here’s another story about this abstract American casts system. I was sitting on the circle (Downtown Indy) with a friend of mine and this man who lives on the streets walks up to us and falls to his knees like 5 feet away from us and says, “Please can you help me, I’m hungry, I need some money, you can throw it at me, you don’t have to even look at me or touch me, I’m sorry to bother you.” I come to tears almost every time I think about this story. I was obviously enamored by this man and his approach to other human beings so I told him to get up and shook his hand and introduced myself. I told him that he is a human and that he should never feel like people are better than him. I walked with him to a pizza joint around the corner and just sit with him and watch him cry saying that he just wants to be a good person and on and on and on I was able to see this nasty disease he had been given by society, the disease of believing he was not human, that he was below society. His name is Kevin, I see him around all the time and give him a hug, that moment stained my heart. What a load of, well, you know… It angered me and deeply saddened me to see how a person, a man, made in the image of God, could be told so much that he actually believed he was less than human.
I can hear the gasp in the room now. You can’t believe it can you? How could someone act this way right? I wonder if we’ve been fooled into thinking we are better than certain social types or people? A little self evaluation is a good thing. So remember we are all equal and the Lord does not operate in casts systems that we have created. So I still have this question to Justin, how did you get way up there and who told you you were higher than anybody? So let’s break down these social pedestals we’ve built with our own hands and see everyone as God does, with Love.

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