Friday, December 28, 2007

Apathetic Casualties

6000 African’s die each day from AIDS. Abstract images of twisted hope plague the minds of our youth. Pornography warps the minds of our next generation. People live and die without hope. Stories of murder flood the news headlines. There are people living on the streets in the wealthiest country in the world. Relativism runs rampant among our society. There is no such thing as hope. This is the world we live in…

Should we accept this? Is there no hope? Should we watch a virus tear apart an entire continent? Should we pass by our neighbor sitting on the corner? Can we as Christians sit idly by and watch the world self implode?

When I read Acts, every time I read it, I get all fired up about how much Jesus impacted individuals and how much that made them want to impact the world. Jesus told the disciples that they would basically be responsible for spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth. That is some task. Then I look at Christianity today. I look at the movement started by Jesus and compare it to the enterprise in America today and think, how did this happen? How did the gospel that fired up so many become so casual? Richard Halverson puts it like this, “Christianity began in Palestine as a relationship, moved to Greece and became an idea, went to Rome and became an institution, then came to America and became an enterprise.” How did this urgent message that changed cities and revolutionalized the way people lived their lives become so mundane and casual?

Last summer I went out with a couple friends every weekend to a place called Broad Ripple and Downtown with my video camera to talk to people about Jesus, to do interviews. The camera was more a tool to get a conversation started rather than me actually caring about the footage. I look back on that and think, man I was crazy, I just didn’t care what people though, we were out there on the front lines for Christ just spreading the good news (obviously this was in a relevant way because we were all like 23/24 and could relate to those we were speaking to). We didn’t impose our religion on people, we just started asking questions and inserted truth when the opportunity presented itself. Now I sit in my comfortable living room thinking to myself I wouldn’t do that even if I was paid to. What in the world happened, how did we get here? I think it has a lot to do with distractions and busyness. We get so caught up on our own lives that we forget why we live, we forget that half the world is dieing and just continue heading on our own path not bothering to talk about Christ. I don’t want to be here. I pray God will change my heart, kill my apathy, and reignite the flame that burned inside me once to preach this life changing message with authority and lack of fear. How many causalities have I claimed with my own apathy? How many people will never know Jesus that I could touch? I pray for change within myself, I pray for courage, for boldness, for a sense of urgency in delivering this great truth of redemption. Is this message casual to you…why…Lord save us from this flippancy.

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