Thursday, December 13, 2007

All God’s children have to pee

As I’ve stated a previous post, The Roll, I roll out of bed with like 10 minutes to go before I have to be to work and run just to get there on time. I’m just a horrible steward of the time God has given me, I waste it away and wish for more time in the day when I would only waste that as well. We were sitting around talking the other night at the 2nd Annual Cheesy Christmas Sweater Party and I came up with this little jewel of comedic truth. I was just being random and goofy as usual and was talking about a little situation I had with Isaiah earlier. Isaiah is my friend Carl & Danae’s son. He is potty training, so he waddles up to me with a pure look of disgust painted on his face. Looks into my eyes and says, “Pott-ey!” I look down at why he would be walking in such an odd fashion to discover a stream of liquid down his left leg…Potty alright, the potty was an after thought at this point because he already did his biz. I was just being silly and made the comment that kids have a great life because they just get to pee on themselves and then I carried that thought a little bit further by thinking about how many things get in the way of us turning to God. Isaiah did not intend to have warm urine flow down his leg I am sure, no kid likes that feeling and that is why he waddled up to me with a grotesque look on his face. He was just excited about all the people in his house and playing with all the other kids and forgot, got excited, and let it loose.
I was just reflecting on how many things we fill our days with and how ridiculous of a thought it would be for us to just start peeing on ourselves. I know this is an absurd though, but stay with me. What if you walked into your managers office and he stood up to greet you and you saw the dark stain down his leg and when asked about it he responded, “I just don’t have time, I’ve got so many other things going on right now.” I think I’d quite that job. Could you imagine if that was everyone’s mentality and adults around the world walked around not taking the time to use the restroom and just peed their pants? Billy Madison was funny when he made it look like he peed his pants, but this would be disturbing. Christians are supposed to be children of God, He is our life and we should be focused on Him. I often find myself at 1030 at night thinking, “If I only had more time I would have gotten in your Word, I just have so many things going on right now…”

As absurd of a thought as it is for grown men to pee on themselves to save time, isn’t the same true of God’s children not taking time out to get to know Him better. I don’t feel like I have to read the Bible in a legalistic sense, I just think I need to know God more, I want to know God more! I pray that I would take time to know Him and spend time in His Word and in prayer. . We all need to pee, but not taking time to is preposterous! We all need God but not taking time to seek Him is outlandish! So may you consider taking time to do what should be natural to a child of God.

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