Monday, November 19, 2007

Update Part One

I received a call from a friend this morning at 740am. We talked for a little bit and I had to apologize for my lack of communication and keeping in touch. So this is me updating everyone on what has happening and is happening in my life up here in the circle city (Indianapolis)! I’m not sure when the last time a major update went out, but I know I was already living in my apartment downtown, but I’ll start from pretty close to the beginning of it all. I’ve now been up here almost 2 years (it will be two years on March 11, 2008). I live downtown, 2 blocks away from the circle, which is the center of the city and desired location of everyone in the city on any given weekend. Living downtown in itself has so much I could write about, but for the sake of space, I’ll just say it is different, totally different form living in the suburbs of Jacksonville, FL. I’m forced to face issues like homelessness, homosexuality, drugs, poverty, broken families, and the party/club life. These issues seem to hide themselves pretty well in the suburbs, that is why the suburbs scare me! No one talks! I get to see the same people all the time so I am able to have many great conversations. I live two blocks from the building where we gather on Sundays and the gym so walking has become something that is second nature. I hang out with friends on the circle where we get Starbucks and just goof around. We go to Radio Radio in Fountain Square, it’s a little old school place where live music is played, it’s set up like a lounge, and only costs 5-10 to get in to watch at least 3 shows. My appreciation for art and music has grown since living downtown, since there is so much of it around.

I am in school now as well. I go to Crossroads Bible College. It is a small school about 10 minutes away. The only reason I drive is to actually go to school. I am about to end my second semester. The program I am in is an accelerated deal. Each class is only 5 weeks long. I go to class once a week, Monday nights from 6-10pm. Homework is due each week, there are no tests, but my finals count as 50% of my grade. Luckily for me all the finals consist of papers and I love to write. I have made straight A’s thus far and am super excited about learning more and more about Jesus Christ and how to teach and become a more effective leader.

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