Monday, November 19, 2007

Update Part Dose

As a supplement to learning how to become a more effective leader at school I have the greatest opportunity to be involved at the ground level within a church plant, Indy Metro Church. This hands-on experience has been painful, beautiful, hard, and ultimately the best experience I can have. I often forget that I am only 24 and have only been truly walking with the Lord for 3 years now. I get so involved in leadership and things at the ground level that I am guilty of forgetting that I am a student and learner first and leader second. I am told by people who I have a great deal of respect for that I have great potential to be a very effective leader and church planter so that excites me. I still have so many things within my own life to take care of and realize each day that the most beautiful thing I know Is that I don’t know. The learning process excites me. The biggest issue I have that hinders me from being an effective leader is my mouth though. I tend to say what I think when I think it and am slowly and painfully learning that this is no good. Thanks to the men I have in my life I am able to be scolded in love and pruned so I can grown more. I have close relationships with Dan Pride, the lead pastor, and Aaron Story, the executive pastor, so being held accountable for things within leadership or the church is easy to com by, which I am very fortunate to have in my life.

I am the community action coordinator at Indy Metro (fancy right? Ha ha). It makes me laugh to think I am a leader in a church…it’s just amazing to see how much God has changed me and uses me, He sure likes to use broken tools doesn’t he?! Since serving the community and meeting needs is a huge area of passion for me, this responsibility is great for me. I am able to lead people into serving the community immediately around us and in doing so have been able to see unity among so many people in our church body. When I get to see the black and white words turn in flesh and blood I am taken back by the beauty of it all, the active body of Christ. I always run into doing too much so I am constantly praying that God will help me be a better manager of the time and money He gives me.

Indy Metro Church has been a tremendous thing to watch grow and change. On our year anniversary service we had several of the people who have been touched by what God is doing through IMC give their testimonies and thanks for IMC. We have seen several people be baptized and putt heir faith in the Lord. Beautiful stories, beautiful people, beautiful Savior. Not a tear is dry in the house when we hear testimonies or watch new believers be baptized. I’ve been able to help feed the poor, be an active part in someone’s life who otherwise wouldn’t have anyone to love them. God has used so many people to change what the northeast quadrant of downtown Indianapolis looks and feels like. Thursday (Thanksgiving) we are going to pick up several families in the Barton House (a government housing development full of pain and broken people) and a couple homeless people I know down to a friend’s house and have dinner with them. Beyond handing out food at a mission, we are actually spending time with them on a holiday that can seem so lonely to many. Seeing things like this confirm why God brought me up here. Indy Metro Church is growing and God is doing great things with it. We are just a small body of believers that are looking forward to seeing the world change a city at a time by Jesus Christ.

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