Thursday, November 8, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle

When I first moved up to Indianapolis I got a job with a friend as a painter. I was a professional painter for several months. There were several things that created a problem though, the most obvious being that I was a horrible painter. Because my boss was also my friend I thought would be okay to just not come in some days or take off early others. He never said anything to me so I took advantage of the opportunity that presented itself. He is not a follower of Christ. One morning he calls me and says that we need to meet for lunch (with most friends anytime they prearrange a lunch or coffee meeting I’ve learned there is something they want to talk about), so I go meet him. He basically calls me out on not showing up or leaving early and tells me that I am actually hurting his business by doing so. I walked away from that meeting and have never really quite been the same. Call it divine timing because I was totally convicted about a verse I had read in 1 Peter 2:13; submit yourselves for the Lord's sake to every authority instituted among men. It goes on to describe submitting to different persons and then into slaves submitting to masters, but the main point in it is that the Lord Jesus has given authority to those on earth for some reason and we are to submit to them for His sake.

Today I get this message from my boss that basically says my number have been up (at work we are tracked by certain numbers) and thanks for my hard work. I messaged her back and told her thanks for noticing and I really want to exceed in my job because I am worried about the impression I give to people because I represent Jesus. Then I remember in Philippians Ch 2 the writer tells his audience that they will shine like stars among men by sticking to the Word. I want to shine for Christ. I am less enthused with the monetary incentive and more concerned about shining. I hope each day I can wake up and submit to authorities for His sake and exceed in things so I will shine like a star. Do you work for a company or for God? The mentality I have is that ultimately it is God I am serving and not some insurance company.

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