Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Roll

As I’m writing this I am laughing at myself a bit. Lately I feel like an old man. I get up at 6 to drink coffee and have quiet time before work, when I get to work I read all the local and world news sites that I like, then I check my sports sites too. As much as I say that I am anti-procedure, organization makes me itch, and policies are my foe, I have come to realize that I need it. I was having a conversation last night about rest and sleep and how the body enters into certain stages of sleep or rest. I don’t sleep well, maybe a couple hours a night. It’s maddening really! So that morning routine I mentioned up there, that just started two weeks ago. Before that routine started my mornings began with me waking up at 730, looking at my clock, running to the bathroom to take a shower, finding something to wear (basically, look on the floor and try to find something not wrinkled), and running next door to work with only a minute to spare before I must be clocked in at 8; really chaotic honestly. My friend at work actually knows my sleeping and waking habits and each morning would ask, “Did you do that roll thing again today?” I could not hide it because the lines on my face and squinted eyes were a dead give away! So I decided I was going to start my mornings off right and get up early with the intentions of journaling, praying, and getting into the Word. When I start my day off like this I tend to be in great health, great attitude, and a great outlook on the day. As nice as it has been to do this, I have began to revert back to “the roll”. The last three days have been started by that roll. I love rolls, especially the ones fro Texas Roadhouse, but I hate this roll! I’ve come to realize that it is not so much getting up early, but it has more to do with going to be at a decent hour, allowing myself rest. I run myself almost insane, my calendar can barely fit all the things I put on it, and basketball beckons me to the court at least 6 hours a week (not to mention lifting weights 5 days a week). When asked last night what I had planned the rest of the week…I was actually able to lay out a schedule until Friday! No good, foul, technical, red card, do something Adam! Then my mind is flooded with all the scriptures that speak of the Lord as a refuge and Him offering rest. The most restful days I ever had were this past summer. I would wake up on Saturday morning and east breakfast and then go sit in the park and read and journal until it was around dinner time, then I would just read pray until I figured I’d go hang out with some friends. I miss that, I miss finding rest within God. I don’t want the McDonald’s God I’ve created. I’ve put God in this little fast food, run by the drive-thru, sorry I don’t have more than 3 minutes to thank you for my day, box. How ugly that is! So I have this new goal for myself because, as you can probably tell, I am really convicted about this rest idea; find rest, be a better manager of the time God gives me. The reality is that even if I did have 26 hours in a day, I would fill them up too. So more time is not the solution, its more discipline to set aside time within the time I have. I’m desperate for Him and need to actually stop and go to Him for that rest and refuge He offers.

Wow, glad I was able to get that off my chest! I wonder how many others find little to no rest in the Lord, I pray God gives me the strength and discipline to honor Him with my time. So may you find rest in the Creator of the Universe, the Savior of the World, the Prince of Peace.

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  1. yes... rest is a must! I will pray for you as you have set this new goal in you daily doing's, may god give you strenght. Just remember thiis not a battle you only fight with, there are many of us. :) have a great day!